CMlive enhances your experience by providing access to important information on your orders, IT assets and an alternative channel to easily interact with us. It is your one stop for all your interaction with us.


Built by us, for you

Equipped with our CMLive portal means you can quickly view your system’s health anytime and anywhere. Through our complementary portal you have access to proactive, transparent support that prevents issues from developing before they become problems.

Lifecycle Management and Renewals

When you transact with us you will gain access to an automated, full asset lifecycle management portal. Asset management is important, so let us do it for you. Organisations have large collection of assets, ditch your spreadsheets. Keep up to date with all of your software and hardware maintenance renewals in one place. Never miss a renewal date with our Renewal management tool.

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System Health

System health is a proactive support agent that monitors and notifies you when critical errors occur. System Health gives a consolidated view of what is happening on your systems, monitored by our customer support team. System health is like a second set of eyes over your infrastructure at no cost!

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Order Tracking

Track your orders and projects every step of the way. Our system gives you automated updates on the when and where of your projects so you can meet those tight deadlines!

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