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How to Donate:

1. Review Your Equipment: Check if you have any retired devices (check the FAQ's below to find out what devices are most needed)


2. Contact Us: Reach out to us through the contact form above. Our team will guide you through the donation process, ensuring a seamless and secure transfer of equipment. 


3. Secure Data Wipe or Disk Destruction: Rest assured that all data on donated equipment will be securely wiped using Blannco software to protect your privacy and comply with data protection standards. Alternatively, drives can shredded with a certificate of destruction.


4. Certificate of Donation: Receive a certificate acknowledging your generous contribution and the positive impact it will have on the people and communities in Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

Ways your retired devices and datacentre infrastructure can help

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Digital Inclusion, Bridging the Digital Divide

In Australia, countless students lack personal laptops for learning. Preventing them from fulfilling their educational goals due to social and economic inequalities. Your donations could assist children and adults to get the education they deserve and prevent them from falling behind.

Emphasising inclusivity, donations also go to ensures equal access for individuals with disabilities, fostering a digitally empowered and united community.


Portable Digital Classrooms

The Litehaus International's Lab-In-A-Box is a ground-breaking solution for students in regions without electricity or traditional classrooms. It's a portable digital classroom that brings the power of education to any conditions, enabling a brighter future for all. For most of these children, this will be the first time they have owned or even touched a computer.


Empowering Survivors

In moments of crisis, technology becomes a lifeline for parents and children fleeing violence. Your donated devices could make a profound impact, offering a pathway to independence and safety. These devices provide crucial connections to support networks, resources, and employment opportunities. Creating the pathway for a future free from violence.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, communities face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives. Your donated devices can be a source of solace and resilience, enabling individuals and families to reconnect, access critical information and services. Building a pathway to recovery and hope for those that have lost everything.


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Creating a Healthier Future

In Papua New Guinea, hospitals and essential services face challenges in accessing modern technology. Your old datacentre equipment can be the key to supporting hospitals and essential services, bringing advanced technology to where it's needed most. By donating your equipment, you contribute to the strength of healthcare systems in Papua New Guinea. From secure data storage to improved communication networks, your generosity can save lives and create a lasting positive impact on the delivery of essential services.

A special thank you to our generous Donors


Download our Asset Lifecycle Management Brochure:

Organisations can significantly improve various functions such as capital planning, engineering, finance, accounting, and operations through effective asset lifecycle management.

Learn more about how we can help from Deployment to Donation of your devices.




How old can my equipment be?

Any old machine can still have uses. Parts and drives that still have life can provide a helping hand where an upgrade is needed. Even if your devices are old, please, reach out via the contact form. We would love to assess them to see if there is any life left in those devices.

What type of devices can I donate?

  • Enterprise networking gear (especially routers, switches and wireless access points (controller and standalone)
  • Network Security Devices
  • Modems & connectivity adaptors (3G, 4G or SMS)
  • NAS systems 
  • Scanners  
  • Old racks, 30RU half height and full height
  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets

What happens to our data?


There are two options to choose from: 

Have your drives securely wiped using Blanco Software or have your drives securely shredded. You would be provided with a certificate of destruction for both options.


I need to replace my old equipment, can you help?


Truis offers a wide range of procurement and financing options for any IT hardware. Complete the contact us form and you will be connected with one of our account managers who can help source a suitable option.

Will I know once my equipment has been donated and how it has helped?


Knowing your device has gone to a good cause can give you a positive sense that it is not ending up in the landfill. Where possible, any impact data collected on your donation may be sent through in formats such as photos, videos, or other information on project rollouts. 


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Need to retire some old devices?

Chat to us today about donating your devices.