Endpoint security

More than ever, businesses are turning to their fleet of devices to stay connected with their business and operations. With this modern way of working, we are seeing new and improved threats targeted at these devices. We’re here to help protect your employees and your business operations from the unexpected.


Antivirus and encryption malware

The technological landscape is changing. The need for greater and more advanced laptop security, antivirus protection and malware removal software is increasing due to the changing nature of cyber threats. We’re here to simplify these new challenges and keep your business secure.

Secure your remote workforce

Working from home is now standard practice across many businesses. Employees are taking their company devices home to continue projects or using the business fleet to store personal and company data. Whatever your business situation may be, we provide tailored solutions that enable secure remote working environments.

Prepare your IT security for 2021

2021 is full of exciting opportunities for businesses to innovate in IT. Read some of top technology trends that will transform business.

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Find the right solution

There are many products and services out there, but where do you start? We’re here to help take the pressure off, we only work with reputable vendors we know and trust, and only offer our clients the best of the best. Of course, we’ll only advise what’s most appropriate for your business, we’re not here to confuse you further! Rest assured knowing that our experts can identify any gaps in your antivirus and malware removal / protection software or we can start from the ground up and work towards a truly tailored solution that works for your team and your budget.

A professional team and approach

We provide leading solutions for securing end-user fleets. Our in-house consultants hold security certifications and operations in many products. We like to work with you to review your current licenses, understand your usage risks, and advise updating or renewing old licenses. Dependent on your changing business needs, we may even advise on purchasing new licenses to keep your employee devices safe. No matter the size of your business, we are here to help and don’t upsell.

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New or old devices, we’re here to help.

Lean on Truis for your end-user device security, and we’ll keep your fleet up to date and protected from modern cyber threats.