Assets and Renewals Simplified

Even with a dedicated IT department, keeping an eye on your IT assets and contracts is a huge task. Miss one thing, and you could end up wasting a lot of money, time and resources. For that reason, we created a solution and developed an assets and renewals portal that keeps an eye on all things IT in your business.


Technology has always been important to businesses. But these days, IT is more integral than ever. As a result, it’s also more vital, and challenging, to keep an eye on it all with an effective IT asset and contract management strategy. We know it’s not easy. Which is why we created CMLive, a tool designed specifically for your assets and renewals.


A platform empowering business transparency and continuity: CMLive is an automated system that tracks spend, renewal dates, maintenance contracts and monitors all of your IT assets, and purchases. Oh, and did we mention – our customers get it for free?

Working alongside CMLive is our specialist IT team who continuously monitor the platform. Our inhouse support team enables another layer of reliability to ensure your asset and contract management is easy, accurate and consistent.

Asset Management – Simplified

We understand the importance of asset management, and CMLive makes it incredibly simple. The portal allows you to easily see the details of every item you’ve purchased through us and, if you’d like, you can even add purchases from elsewhere – meaning we don’t lock you in with any silly contracts.

Thanks to CMLive and it’s structured systems of record, we can also highlight the little things that add up. For example, by identifying equipment you no longer use, we can help you eliminate unnecessary maintenance fees. We also save you costs by identifying small system updates that are often overlooked.

Unforgettable Renewal Management

Whether at work or in our personal lives, most of us have been at the end of terrible timing. And few things annoy us more than discovering your support agreement’s expired only a couple months, weeks or days before you need it most. Fortunately, CMLive and the Truis team make it easy to keep track of maintenance, support and software licence renewals.

We’ll call you or send a reminder in advance for contracts that are about to expire or require renewal. And, we can even do it for contracts totally unrelated to IT, such as your CEO’s car insurance, or whatever it may be. And, if you’re spending money on something you don’t need anymore, our team will raise it with you as soon as they spot it. Ultimately, it’s all the contract information, resource and support you need – in a single place.

CMLive is a tool designed to empower your business

Considering improving your IT Asset and Renewal Management with our complimentary CMLive? Then get in touch today for a free demo.