Infrastructure Services

From a lack of resources to ageing technology, many businesses don’t have the right IT infrastructure to operate at their best. Some aren’t even sure how to remove their old hardware. Fortunately, we provide support and services that span the full IT infrastructure lifecycle.


Expert services

Whether you’re a fledgeling start-up or global corporation, IT is essential to your success. So when your infrastructure isn’t up to scratch, neither is your business. However, thanks to our specialist in-house technicians — and industry-leading partner vendors (such as IBM, Dell, HPE, Nutanix, Lenovo, VMware and Cisco) — we can provide end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions designed just for you.

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Hardware build

‘Right first time’ is a bit of a business cliché. But it’s an absolute truism when it comes to IT. Because of this, we offer a hardware build service that’s personalised to your specifications. In fact, our in-house technicians cover everything from hardware audit, build and testing through to RAID configuration and firmware updates.

Asset tagging and management

Never let another device slip through the cracks. Our effective and flexible Asset Tagging and Management services keep an eye on your full IT infrastructure. And by recognising when it’s time for those vital updates, it can also become an essential part of your procurement strategy.

Operating system and virtualisation installation

A device without an operating system (OS) is like a car without a steering wheel — it’s pretty difficult to drive. Which is why we’ll perfectly install the right OS for your business. At the same time, we’ll keep all your external hardware connected by ensuring your drivers are fully updated. We don’t just cover your physical devices either, as we can help install and configure your ‘virtual machines’.

On-site installation

You don’t want to waste valuable hours reading manuals on complex systems. Especially when we’re here. Our specialist technicians can install all of your IT infrastructure requirements on-site — including any shared storage systems such as a Storage Area Network (SAN).

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The ultimate guide to our IT services and solutions

The ultimate guide to our IT services and solutions

There are a lot of aspects to supporting your technology in the business. Check out our Services catalogue which outlines everything you need to know about our solutions and services.

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Do you need help with a new server?

Do you need help with a new server?

Download our Intel server services brochure to learn more about how we can help.

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Workload migration

With remote working more common than ever, migrating workloads has become one of the most essential IT infrastructure services to get right. So whether you’re moving to a new location or looking to better utilise the cloud, we get you there seamlessly.

24×7 Support

Many IT providers focus too much on IT. But we put people first… always. Which is why we offer full, 24×7 support — keeping you up and running, whatever the hour.

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Patching and maintenance

With our maintenance solutions, you’ll get the most out of your IT infrastructure. And thanks to our essential patching services, we’ll help keep you safe and secure.

End-of-life destruction

When we say end-to-end IT infrastructure services, we mean it. So as your technology reaches the final stages of its lifecycle, we can destroy and dispose of it in the right way — preventing any potential security and data issues.

If it makes sense to find a new home for the hardware, we can do that also!

We’re with you, every step of the way.

Looking for flexible, transparent and personalised IT infrastructure soutions?