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Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like — getting your devices ready for the end user. This may include placing a recent hire onto an old employee’s laptop, or installing a whole new fleet of PCs into the office. Whatever your challenge, we offer a streamlined approach that gets every user immediately up and running.

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What is End User Compute?

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Scaleable bundle options

We understand that every business is different, so we avoid giving our services a single pricing plan. Instead, we offer a range of bundles, spanning from Silver to Gold and Fully Managed.

On Silver, you’ll receive our basic End User Compute solutions, which include Hardware Build, Anti-Virus Installation and Device Removal & Destruction.

With Gold, you’ll get the same services as Silver, as well as our additional — and incredibly helpful — Support Desk Service. On our Fully Managed bundle, you’ll have the complete package, benefiting from On-site Installation, User Migration and Warranty Management.

Of course, you may prefer to pick and mix. Well, we have an option for that too. Depending on your chosen service, these basic and Disk Shredding solutions are priced on a per device, per HDD/Tape or per hour basis.

Machine wiping and repurposing

When procuring a new device for the business, it’s easy to forget about the old ones. However, this oversight can present a serious security risk. After all, these machines are full of emails, chats and documents that could contain sensitive data about you, and your clients.

So instead of letting these old bits of kit waste away in a cupboard, we can completely wipe away all data — and security flaws. From here, we can either help you repurpose the device for a new user. Or, if you’re done with the machine, you can use our End-of-Life Device Removal and Destruction service, which is available in all of our bundles – disks wiped or disk destruction (video and certification).

We can also ensure your devices get a new home! Truis offers hardware repurposing and can help you donate your old tech to those who need it.

On-call support

Not everything goes to plan with new devices and software. Sometimes, bugs get in the system! And you’re especially prone to issues if your end users aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

Fortunately, we offer an IT service Desk for a wide range of your end user devices. And, if that wasn’t enough, we can also help with on-demand services, including software installations, virus and malware removal, and various admin tasks.

Flexible procurement options

It can be difficult deciding on the right piece of technology for your end users. Each device has a fantastic advert, rave reviews and varying price points. Do you pick the simple PC, or splash out on the Mac requested by your marketing department? Even if you do know what you want, finding the best value for money comes with another collection of headaches. So we’ll always make the best decisions for you, your users and your organisation.

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From deployment to disposal

When it comes to End User Compute, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Which is why we prefer effective, suitable services that provide a seamless experience. That way, you can make the biggest changes with the fewest disruptions. So let us explain how we can help.

We take the pain away, for you and your users.

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