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Government organisations today face a complex landscape of technological decisions that can significantly impact their operations, security, and public trust. the rapid evolution of technology introduces opportunities and challenges. This dynamic environment requires government entities to proactively consider options and address risks to safeguard sensitive information, maintain public confidence, and effectively fulfill their goals.

Ongoing support and service

Managed IT services

  • End-user computing services
  • Network and security infrastructure services
  • Server and storage infrastructure services
  • Backup as a service (BaaS)
  • Threat detection and response
For local government customers, our managed services simplify the task of maintaining, upgrading, and securing your technology infrastructure. With the expertise of our in-house team, you can ensure smooth operation of your hardware, software, backups, and network, enabling you to concentrate on serving your community effectively.

Asset lifecycle management

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal of e-waste
  • Repurposing of redundant hardware
  • Adhering to industry-best practice
  • Ensuring data security during decommissioning 

Our business was built on handling second-hand hardware 40 years ago, and we know the trade inside and out. Whether you think your old hardware might have some value, or just need it properly disposed of, our experts can help you out.

Solution Architects on hand

Services for all Queenslanders

  • Efficient deployment of hardware to multiple sites within the local government area
  • Seamless integration regardless of location
  • Remote hardware monitoring and on-site support
  • Secure shipments reach remote locations reliably

Many local governments have multiple sites within their area. Assistance with remote location deployments have become increasingly vital in today's connected work environment. Our services flexibility is crucial to any local government that need seamless, remote integrations into day-to-day operations.


Your E8 mate

  • Conduct an Essential 8 Maturity Assessment
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Recommend the most effective cybersecurity products for your environment aligned to the Essential 8
  • Continuous support and training

Whether you're just starting out or progressing with an established Essential 8 strategy, we're here to guide you, no matter where you're at. Leveraging our vendor relationships and our in-house security specialists, we work with you to  address your challenges and best utilise your opportunities.

Wireless networking

IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions

  • Multi-vendor servers, storage, network, security, and data centres
  • Virtualisation, backup, and recovery
  • Monitoring and management tools
  • Cloud solutions

We offer a wide range of infrastructure and cloud solutions to suit the needs of each local government.  Our Solutions Architects can help design a complete end-to-end solution, tailored to your particular needs as each local government has it's own specific requirements.


Compliance experts

  • Local Buy supplier
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

Truis understands the value of reliable service, airtight cybersecurity, and your peace of mind. Our extensive history operating in Qld, as well as our dedication to transparency and reliability has qualified us a Local Buy supplier. Our ISO certifications represents our commitment to information security and quality management within Truis.

Our work with Local Government

Customer stories

Our goal is to help you thrive, and creating IT solutions tailored to your needs is what helps us achieve that goal. Explore some real-world examples where we highlight how our customers have received technological transformation with the exceptional service that keeps Truis a cut above.


IT Manager, Central Highlands Regional Council

"Truis provided us with the technical expertise to migrate our systems to our Nutanix solution without any disruption. We developed a really strong relationship with Truis because they went above-and-beyond the levels of service of other IT solution providers."


Chief Superintendent, Queensland Rural Fire Service

"Truis have been excellent. Throughout the process, I have brought in questions left of field, and they have jumped on the journey and helped me solve them without any hesitation."


GIVIT, Engagement Officer

"The collaboration has been absolutely fantastic and invaluable to the success of the project. I've loved working with the Truis team and they've just made the process so easy."


Chief Finance Officer, PNG Ports

"Our journey with Truis has been exceptional. The technical support our team receives is outstanding, instilling in us the confidence to elevate our IT framework, paving the way for the launch of additional platforms. We deeply value our relationship with Truis and are eager to continue building upon the recent projects we've explored together."


IT Infrastructure and Network, Deaf Connect

"Truis has been truly invaluable. They have consistently proven to be a reliable and supportive partner, providing us with high-quality solutions and exceptional customer support that have played a critical role in our success. We look forward to continuing this partnership and benefiting from their expertise in the future."


Chief Information Officer, Remington Haus

"We’ve worked with Truis for our IT needs since 2018, finding their services to be reliable and competent. They’ve provided us with solid end-user compute solutions and dependable server and storage options. Their support team is responsive, helping to ensure our IT operations run smoothly. We appreciate their commitment to providing steady and consistent IT services."


IT Manager, Eversons Food Processors

"Reliable and efficient, Truis is our trusted partner for quality IT solutions, making our work smoother and more productive."


Broadcasting Engineer, Australian Football League

"Choosing Truis for the job was simple. Straight away, they understood what we needed and proved they could solve the problem – we just knew that we were going to get what we were asking for."


Systems Manager, Brown Brothers Engineers

"They have professional processes in place, but importantly they get the job done."


Operations Manager, Your Aged Care at Home

"If you want to do it right and do it properly, you can’t do it without consulting a good team. I have dealt with so many IT teams that sell the typical service model, I think it is very risky just to sign ahead – it’s a learning process and Truis made it easy."


Information Systems Manager, Associated Retailers Limited

"It was outstanding. By the time an IBM engineer arrived with an expansion box at 11am, data restore of the production environment was already 75% complete and key users were back online by 2pm to process the critical payment runs. By 8.30pm, all employees were notified via SMS that desktop operations would resume from the office."


IT Manager, Florsheim Australia

"With help from Truis, we now have processing time down to seconds even during the craziest of online trading periods."


Chief Executive Officer, Cornetts IGA

"The admin process was critical to us. They listened to what we told them, and knew exactly what we wanted – it is a great partnership!"


Chief Executive Officer, Fergies Print and Mail

"Truis are very knowledgeable, always willing to help, and I always got an honest answer to my questions."

The engagement team

If you have any questions or want to book a chat and help us understand your needs, please reach out.


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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Our Solution Architect team



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Our Project Management team



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Our Customer Success team



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Truis capability statement

Our qualifications, specialties, and differentiators in one quick document.


Security awareness training

To shield your organisation from cyber threats, cyber awareness training is key. Learn about the growing costs of cybercrime, and steps you can take to secure your organisation now.

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