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Where store and IT operations meet.

Retail teams are often faced with a slew of tough challenges. Dealing with stock shortages, shrinkage, security issues, and much more.

It's a balancing act between IT, brick-and-mortar stores, and head office.
Balancing the need to seamlessly integrate complex technology solutions and the rapidly changing market.

Let Truis take the heavy lifting out of your store tech setup and get back to making innovative changes to the business. 


Years Of Experience

Our Solutions and Services

A.I for Retail

AI is transforming the landscape of retail operations. Leverage the latest stack of  AI tools to analyse and collect data, provide personalised product recommendations, optimise sales, track stock and reduce shrinkage.


Take your bricks and mortar to the next level!  Store as a Service offers you a comprehensive and flexible solution, providing everything from point-of-sale systems to inventory management and customer analytics, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for both retailers and customers.

Retail Managed Services

Our managed services make managing technology infrastructure a breeze in-store and in the office. Backed by trained professionals we can support your hardware, software, back-ups and network to make sure everything is running smoothly through those busy retail periods.

Retail Supplies

From point of sales, scanners, printers, CCTV and much more. We have a wide range of retail supplies. Take advantage of our warehouse and storage facilities for backup devices and get them shipped to your sites when you need them.

The Smart Retailer

Learn more about the impact of technology in the new-age retail store. From Portable sales to CCTV, take the time to check in on some of the latest tech!

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