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Our achievements
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Installation of solar panels which produce 70 kWh for our premises.

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Conversion of all lighting to LED

Hardware build

Installation of water tank to service toilets and gardens

Install operating system

E-waste process for unwanted technology owned by our customers including shredding of hard drives

 Shipment to sites

Increased rubbish diverted from landfill to recycling from 33.75% to 56.70%

On-site installation

Decreased waste sent to landfill from 0.659 tonnes to 0.194 per month

On-site installation

Donated $10,000 towards charities per quarter since 2021

On-site installation

To date we have contributed 1,600 volunteering hours to help those in need

On-site installation

Reduced our downstream freight emissions by 7.5%

On-site installation

Mindful water usage has decreased Truis's water consumption by 14%, or a 70,000L reduction from the past year

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Learn our process to discarding your e-waste from IT projects!

Commitment to our team

Commitment to our team

Our initiatives and strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social Governance moving forwards are underpinned by our sustainability vision. We value our workforce and our goal is to empower their unique experiences and knowledge throughout the year. Our aim is to have six employees from various departments, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities to complete the ‘Empower People (DE&I) Fundamentals’ training. Then implementing the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in our organisation following the training, we will monitor the goals for future improvements every quarter, to ensure that we continuously progress towards the goal of creating an inclusive organisational culture.

As the IT people who are people-people, our team is integral to providing the level of service and care that we are known for. To give back to our people we aim to conduct an employee survey annually, using Culture Amp, to understand the status of our employees’ well-being and needs. We will then implement at least 2 new on-going programs to address these gaps identified in employee well-being.

Commitment to our environment

Commitment to our environment

To hero our commitment to our ESG strategy and the environment, Truis have a number of initiatives to do our part in caring for the planet. Outcomes from these sustainability initiatives are to reduce the volume of waste to landfill generated by 5% annually and increase the amount of materials recycled by 10% annually. We pledge to complete at least two office waste management related activities moving forward and champion 2 e-waste drives with a minimum of one per year. As our organisation is technology based, we are committed to also reduce our energy consumption by 2% annually.

We know our decisions and actions today will ensure our legacy continues.

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Commitment to others

This financial year we are partnering with Micah Projects and CPL. As part of this partnership we aim to contribute 120 hours of paid volunteer time per quarter. Together, we also are committed to donate $10,000 per quarter towards not only our primary charity, Micah Projects, but other charities in which our employees feel personally driven to contribute towards. We will support our people and our team in their endeavours to do good by others.

Micah Projects is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing services and opportunities in the community to create justice and respond to injustice.

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