Security solutions

Leverage our team of Solution architects to find the right solutions to protect your organisation. Our team provides the world’s leading networking and security solutions all under one roof. We can help keep your business, and its assets become more secure for long-term or short-term periods.


Networks and Firewalls

Our partner network allows us (and you) access to some of the world’s leading networking and security solutions all in one place. The Truis team of experts can conduct on site surveys to diagnose complex wireless issues, detect signal strength / coverage and interference, to streamline your network refresh and design effect Wi-Fi plans.

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Endpoint Security

We partner with some of the industry leaders in close end point security. With the ever-increasing risk of cyber threat, ensuring your organisation is safe, technology is maintained and your solutions are up to standard should be top priority.

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Email and web security

Keep your business compliant and stay protected with our web and email security solutions.

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Security consulting

Our aim is to empower and educate you on your system’s security. We offer audits, consulting and education on malware and phishing, network penetration and IT security.

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