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Modern Data Protection and Cyber Resilience

What does it take for a company to establish effective data protection and cyber resilience in today’s digital world? Read our article to find out.
Modern Data Protection and Cyber Resilience

Is your organisation’s data protection as cost-effective and comprehensive as it could be? During 2021, a cyber attack is expected to occur every 11 seconds. It’s no longer just about having protection measures in place to combat this risk. To keep up with today’s digital world, businesses need to go beyond data backup and recovery with modern data protection and cyber resilience solutions. 

The Smarter Way to Stay Protected and Productive 

With the right modern data protection solution, you can take your data protection beyond just being an insurance policy to also driving business transformation. Implementing this solid foundation can help your business achieve key capabilities on the modern data agenda, including: 

  • Continuity of operations
  • Better performance 
  • Lower infrastructure costs 
  • Simplified VM, application and container backup and recovery 
  • Increased storage efficiency 

Unifying Data Protection and Cyber Resilience 

Modern storage solutions that combine data protection and cyber resilience are crucial for your cybersecurity strategy. This unified approach delivers a high level of protection against cyberattacks, as well as quickly detecting and responding to security breaches when they happen. Ultimately, this helps you to maximise data protection, reduce costs and significantly decrease the risk of disruption, financial loss and reputation damage that can result from the various cyber risks faced in today’s digital world. 

Storage as a Cybersecurity Tool 

More and more businesses are using innovative data protection and resiliency technologies to keep up with the cybersecurity demands of today’s digital world. Important considerations include choosing a solution that can handle exponential data growth and new workloads, recover quickly in the event of a cyberattack and provide practical analytics and insights. 

Scalable Protection Scalable data protection for physical, virtual or software-defined workloads allows you to meet the changing demands of your business. This can help reduce costs as well as making your data protection easier to manage.  

Copy Data Management 

Make data copies available when your team needs them without creating unnecessary copies that take up valuable storage. Technology such as IBM’s Spectrum Copy Data Management, is an easy access solution that features a self-service portal data consumers can use to create copies when required. 

Cyber Resilient Storage 

Leading cyber resilient storage solutions feature low application response times, advanced disaster recovery,  malware and ransomware protection and AI-driven management. These features mean that if a cyber attack does occur, the system prevents data from being modified or deleted. 

Tape Air Gap Protection 

Tape air gap protection physically isolates data from a local area network, providing reliable protection. The key benefit of this technology is that it preserves, protects and secures your data against corruption resulting from malware or ransomware attacks. 

Daily Backups 

Automated daily backups of important configuration information and/or data are a great way to avoid data loss due to technical issues or theft. These can be scheduled for a particular time of the day or night to suit your business operations.  

Protect and Transform Your Business 

When your business is affected by a cyber attack, it can disrupt operations, result in valuable data loss and, in some cases, damage your reputation. On top of providing uncompromising protection, the right modern data security solutions can transform your business with simple management, better performance, lower storage costs and more efficient and effective business operations.  

Finding the time and resources to upgrade data protection and cyber resilience systems to keep up with growing digital demands is a challenge organisations face every day. That’s where Truis comes in. As one of Australia’s top IBM infrastructure partners, we’ve provided IBM solutions to a range of businesses nationwide. Our in-house IBM certified solution architects and system engineers can help your business unify data protection and cyber resilience with tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.  

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