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Whether you’re a large corporation or flourishing start-up, your IT infrastructure will eventually need updating. We know. Because having provided Traditional Server Storage services for over 40 years, we’ve seen it all. And thanks to our close connections to the industry’s top vendors, we can help you gain more with IT infrastructure solutions tailored just for you.


Time for a refresh?

So, it’s that time in your company’s lifecycle — you need more digital storage space. Unlike the physical, where you just pack up and move office, IT is a bit more complex. Do you upgrade what you currently have, or do you purchase entirely new infrastructure? Then you have to decide what vendors do you go with. And what does it all mean, anyway?

Well, fortunately for you, we know what we’re talking about. In fact, we’ve been helping organisations with their server storage for close to half a century now. You could call it our bread and butter.

Because of this, we can design IT infrastructure solutions that aren’t just effective — they’re entirely tailored to your organisation. And with our experience, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, or what you’re trying to achieve. We’re also certified partners with some of the top vendors in the field, giving us the tools and resources to provide your ideal IT environment.

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Speak to the experts

Open sales team

Before we start anything, our sales team will discuss the right solutions for you. And right is the optimum word. You see, we live by a certain set of values at Truis. We’re committed to being open, honest and trustworthy. So our team won’t push anything you don’t need.

This transparency is what we’ve built our reputation on. Through empathy, our sales team seek to understand your server and storage issues. That way, they can ensure we have everything we need to create your ideal IT environment.

Specialist Solutions Architects

Then there’s our Solutions Architects. Brimming with technical knowledge and industry experience, they know how to design the most effective, and appropriate, end-to-end solutions. — considering everything from implementation and migration through to on-going support. Having all been IT managers in the past, they know what you’re going through as a business.

We know the impact this approach has on organisations. Because it’s how we run Truis. In fact, the same products, platforms and benefits have helped us become who we are today. Well, we wouldn’t promote something we don’t believe in ourselves!

Trusted, but agnostic, partner

One of the benefits of traditional IT infrastructure is the ability to pick and choose different vendors for your compute, networking and storage. And having been around for so long, we know the best vendors available. Many — including IBM, Dell, Lenovo, HPE, Cisco — even see us as a trusted, and certified, partner.

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On-going support

Going the extra mile. It isn’t a corporate mantra for us — it’s what we’ve built our business on. By offering effective support, we’re doing more than just delivering a one-off solution. We become a long-lasting, trusted provider. Many even consider our level of support to go far beyond a simple partnership.

When it comes to Traditional Server and Storage, we know exactly how to help way beyond implementation. Because we’re invested your IT’s success — so we’ll be there every step of the way.

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We make the traditional extraordinary.

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