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Whether you’re a large corporation or flourishing start-up, your IT infrastructure will eventually need updating. We know. Because having provided Traditional Server Storage services for over 40 years, we’ve seen it all. And thanks to our close connections to the industry’s top vendors, we can help you gain more with IT infrastructure solutions tailored just for you.


Time for a refresh?

So, it’s that time in your company’s lifecycle — you need more digital storage space. Unlike the physical, where you just pack up and move office, IT is a bit more complex. Do you upgrade what you currently have, or do you purchase entirely new infrastructure? Then you have to decide what vendors do you go with. And what does it all mean, anyway?

Because of this, we can design IT infrastructure solutions that aren’t just effective — they’re entirely tailored to your organisation. And with our experience, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, or what you’re trying to achieve. We’re also certified partners with some of the top vendors in the field, giving us the tools and resources to provide your ideal IT environment.

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Well, fortunately for you, we know what we’re talking about. In fact, we’ve been helping organisations with their server storage for close to half a century now. You could call it our bread and butter.

How we work

Wide range of brands, one location

Wide range of brands, one location

Get access to some of the experts in all the brands. Truis are a multi-vendor solution provider, offering our expertise with skilled support and services to our customers to support your new hardware purchase.

Solution Architects on hand

Solution Architects on hand

Unsure of what you are looking for? Or need a second opinion on your next infrastructure refresh. Truis have a team of friendly Pre-sales team members ready to assist.

Ongoing support and service

Ongoing support and service

It’s not the end once you’ve purchased your new hardware from us. We like to keep in touch to make sure everything is working and in order, plus help with any set up or technical expertise you need along the way.

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We make the traditional extraordinary.

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