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Truis Connect

Truis Connect

A platform empowering business transparency and continuity: Truis connect is an automated system that tracks spend, renewal dates, maintenance contracts and monitors all of your IT assets, and purchases. Oh, and did we mention – our customers get it for free?

Working alongside Truis connect is our specialist IT team who continuously monitor the platform. Our inhouse support team enables another layer of reliability to ensure your asset and contract management is easy, accurate and consistent.

Features of the platform

Today’s technology has always been important to businesses. But these days, IT is more integral than ever. As a result, it’s also more vital, and challenging, to keep an eye on it all with an effective IT asset and contract management strategy. We know it’s not easy. Which is why we created Truis connect, a tool designed specifically for your assets and renewals.

Request access to Truis connect

Request access to Truis connect and our team will set you up within 24 hours