Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged Infrastructure, or HCI, truly is a cutting-edge bit of software and hardware. By bringing all aspects of your data centre into a single, simplified solution, it really does simplify the complex. And at Truis, we know how to help — every step of the way.


At Truis, we want to make your business run smoothly. It’s what drives us. Few things have such an impact on your IT as a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). Not only does it standardise your environment, but it also simplifies your scaling and on-going management. And through our tailored solutions, we’ll make sure everything is performing at its best.

What is HCI?

What, exactly, is HCI? It sounds complex, even though the end-results are far from it. In fact, the infrastructure is specifically designed to reduce complexity.

It does this by combining your servers and storage into a single platform. Intelligence software then creates flexible building blocks, which can replace your old infrastructure. These will be made up of things such as your servers, storage networks and storage arrays.

Or, in other words, it’s a complete solution. One that can integrate with your existing technologies and backup strategies to produce a single, scalable environment.

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Do you need it?

While exciting, HCI may not be right for everyone. In many cases, you could be better off with a Traditional Server Storage infrastructure. It ultimately depends on what problems you’re trying to solve.

However, if you find yourself stuck in a time-consuming and complex IT management, HCI could free up the time you need to focus on more vital matters — such as large-scale projects. You won’t even have to worry about compromising costs and security. You can probably forget about the complexity of your data centre entirely.


HCI offers a range of different features, and we can unlock them all. To us, it just depends on what you and your organisation are trying to achieve.

For example, you may be a smaller business looking for a cloud-like solution but want to save money, increase security and have more control. We can then help you create a private cloud. Alternatively, we might recommend public cloud options, or a hybrid form of the two.

If you’re not sure, we can also identify the best option for you. And thanks to our close connections to some of the industry’s top vendors, we’re confident we’ll come up with the right answer.

Connected to the best

As mentioned above, we have close connections to some of the biggest names in HCI — including Nutanix, Dell VxRail, HPE SimpliVity, Cisco and VMware. Our team are even fully trained to provide the full suite of HCI services.

Thanks to our relationship with these vendors, we’re also able to call on them in case of any issues. And, in the rare case we’re unsure of something, they’re always happy to get us up to speed so no projects are delayed.

However, we’ll never recommend a vendor just because they’re our friends. We will always make sure that what they offer is appropriate for what we’re trying to achieve. After all, you — our customer — is our top priority. Getting the right results and creating solutions designed for your success is what we strive for. So we promise to remain agnostic, open and honest. It’s the Truis way

From design to deployment

At Truis, we view HCI as part of a single, complete solution. One that integrates with your existing technologies and backup strategies to remove the complexity of the data centre.

But that’s not all that will be simple. Our teams make sure that our work only impacts you in a positive way. We offer a fair and honest assessment to ensure we’re offering relevant, appropriate solutions — we want to make sure HCI is right for you.

Throughout planning and design, we also keep you in the loop at every stage, providing open discussions about our recommendations. And as certified HCI solutions specialists, we know the right suggestions to make.

However, our support doesn’t end there, either. We’ll help you procure the right tools and software, which will automatically be uploaded to our incredibly helpful, and complimentary, asset and renewals portal, CMCare. And once everything’s deployed, we’ll still be there for support — helping iron out any digital kinks along the way.

We’re ready to make the complex simple

Want to see how hyper-converged infrastructure can take your business into the future? Then get in touch.