Email and web security

The threat to businesses has never been more present in the cyber landscape. At Truis, we have seen first-hand the ramifications of cyber-attacks to companies and have helped many organisations bounce back. IT security for business, in particular email and web security are crucial first steps to defending your business and keeping your operational, financial and employee data safe.


Protection designed for your business

As the technological landscape advances by the day, so does the threats of cyber-attacks. Have you recently considered updating your IT security for your business? We believe it’s an important question to ask. We are here to provide advice and modern technologies designed to protect your data and your people from the ever-advancing cyber threats.

What’s at stake?

It’s not just one person that could be affected if your IT is compromised. Everything from employee credentials (passwords, usernames) and personal data, through to internal data like sales projections, bank details and accounts may be attacked. All it takes is one piece of malware to enter your data centre, and your operational, financial and employee data may be at risk. We don’t mean to scare you, but we do want to help keep your business safe.

Prepare for what you can’t predict

As something businesses use every day – email and the web – it is easy to see why these channels are one of the most targeted mediums for cyber-attacks. We believe a good defense is the best offence, having the right system in place before the need arises, is strategically better for business. But, if you’ve found your IT environment compromised, our Security Consultation team is here to help and can get back on your feet quicksmart.

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Truis security consultants

With so many vendors and solutions in the marketplace for online security, it can be tricky to navigate – What’s the difference between ransomware and malware? Is email phishing still a ‘thing’? How effective is old protection software? We have Truis Security Consultants available to answer these questions and more. They are available for consultation to review your current systems, understand your user risks, and advise updating and deploying new infrastructure to keep your environment safe. The difference between a good and a great security system is the knowledge of the person tailoring it to your specific needs.

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We’re here to help you lock the gate on cyber-threats

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