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Managed Networking - Powered by Cisco Meraki

Keep your business connected and minimise downtime with our managed networking services. 

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As networks become increasingly complex, so do the technical requirements to maintain them. Keeping staff on hand to monitor and service any networking devices in the organisation can be a hurdle in keeping your IT operations running smoothly.

As a close partner to many Australian enterprises, we work on simplifying their networks and allowing their IT teams to work on the business-critical projects that require the most attention.

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Network Management made easy.



The Truis Advantage

Expand your resources

As an extension of your team, we deliver comprehensive support and specialist expertise to enhance your daily operations.

Enhance network performance

Our proactive approach ensures your network is maintained, monitored, and continuously optimised for peak performance and reliability.

Reduce Complexity

Global configurations and cloud-based network management allow for seamless standardisation across multiple-site networks.

Boost Network Security

Benefit from advanced threat detection and robust security measures, safeguarding your 
network against evolving threats.

Making the move to a Meraki managed service

01 Prepare

Lets prepare on making the move to the Meraki Managed Service.

  • Defining some clear objects and milestones are important for a smooth transition. 
  • Review your currently licensing and negotiate any new terms.
  • Develop a strategy to keep everyone informed on the transition process

02 Identify

We will begin documenting your devices and prepare a readiness review.

  • Gather the necessary information on devices, site details and key contacts
  • Begin the knowledge transfer between our teams through sessions
  • Finally, we will conduct a readiness review, noting current configurations and check for any required remediation.

03 Transition

With the planning complete, we will begin to transition your devices.

  • Standardise all configurations across all devices
  • Activate any additional services and features required in preparation for Go Live.
  • Move from onboarding into Truis taking responsibility, management and support.

04 Evaluate

Feedback & Evaluation is continuously collected

  • Review the transition's success and gather stakeholder feedback
  • Begin to move into collecting future feedback for continuous improvements

05 Enrich

At Truis, we like to continuously improve our services and how we deliver them. 

  • Let's talk about how the process is flowing and where we can provide on-going support
  • Provide the SLAs and regular health checks necessary to keep your organisation online and operating.

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Take the complexity out of your network.

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Truis are a proud Cisco Partner

Truis offer simplified, affordable, and holistic security and networking solutions from Cisco that will protect your investments and initiatives for any-sized customer.

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