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Best & Less: Nationwide POS Transformation

To modernise their retail operations, Best & Less embarked on an ambitious journey to overhaul their POS software and hardware across 188 stores. Collaborating with Truis as their trusted hardware solution partner, we successfully implemented a contemporary POS hardware refresh that not only enhanced the in-store experience but also provided a durable and future-ready path forward.

At a glance

Best & Less national POS refresh

Sector: Retail
Stores involved: 188
Equipment partner: HP


“This was the largest technology refresh project at Best & Less in a long time and many different teams pulled together to make it happen. Truis’ contribution to this project was exceptional. Managing the procurement, set up, distribution, reverse logistics, and providing general support throughout, they were key to the success of this project.”

Craig Nobbs
Head of IT
Best & Less

Business challenge

Best & Less was facing significant challenges due to its outdated point of sale (POS) system, which included both hardware and software components. Beyond the cosmetic concerns of the legacy system no longer aligning with the modern Best & Less in-store experience, the ageing technology posed continuous risks to both the company's operations and cybersecurity.

Operationally, the ageing devices were failing more frequently, leading to situations that took POS stations offline and disrupted back office operations. This impacted the stores' ability to provide customers with a seamless purchasing experience and staff with an efficient way of working.

Additionally, the old POS operating system and POS software presented various business challenges. These varied from non-immediate, yet continual cybersecurity vulnerabilities, to limitations of the POS software providing contemporary options to our customers and back-end systems. Although the Best & Less team was proactive and creative in addressing these challenges, the solutions were not viable long-term strategies.

The persistent risk of exposing business data, coupled with the potential for extended offline periods due to compromised or failing store devices, highlighted the urgent need for a sustainable and modern solution to replace the legacy POS system.


Having already built a strong relationship with Best & Less, when the POS refresh project came up, we were engaged as the natural first choice for the job.

“[for technology projects], we gravitate to Truis first. We have a long-standing relationship and time and time again, Truis have demonstrated their ability to execute,” said Craig Nobbs, Head of IT.

For a retailer with 188 stores, all of which are heavily reliant on transaction volume and speed, refreshing the POS software and hardware at the same time is a daunting task. Before jumping into hardware procurement, we worked closely with Best & Less to strategise the optimal approach for a technology refresh of this scale, keeping the project’s objectives central to every decision along the way.


Key project objectives:

  • Ensure the POS refresh is rolled out to all stores without disrupting any of the customer experience.
  • All new systems must embody the essence of Best & Less as a brand, today. Aesthetically, they must support the Best & Less brand positioning as a modern Australian retailer.
  • For a resilient future, all critical hardware must have strong maintenance programs, robust rapid recovery measures, and be easily replaceable.

Preparing the hardware

In collaboration with HP, we determined the ideal specifications for the new POS systems. To guarantee that each device was reliable, uniform, and immediately operational upon arrival at the stores, we undertook pre-imaging at our staging facility. During this phase, our partnership with Best & Less was integral in developing a migration strategy that aimed to minimise any impact on their business operations.

On-site installation

The execution of the project began with Truis conducting an initial on-site installation. This step was crucial in establishing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which set the benchmark for the nationwide rollout.

During the pilot phase at select stores, Truis’ Project Managers provided insightful suggestions to further improve the experience for Best & Less staff and customers, thereby setting clear, targeted outcomes for all subsequent on-site installations. Following this pilot phase, Truis efficiently managed the logistics for national distribution and coordinated with on-site engineers to ensure seamless installation across all 188 stores.


Reverse logistics

Supporting Best & Less with the lifecycle management of decommissioned assets, we coordinated a process for gathering all outdated store hardware and transporting it to our warehouse.

From there, the equipment underwent an extensive audit and sort process. Depending on each item's condition and potential for reuse, we either recycled it; repurposed it for further use; engaged in sustainable e-waste disposal; or if it was an item of value, we returned it to the Best & Less head office.

However, the sheer influx of returned equipment posed a significant logistical challenge for Truis to navigate. To manage the enormous and ongoing deliveries of decommissioned assets, we immediately implemented measures to ensure every item could be processed promptly. We also increased our engagement with partners and programs that specialise in circular asset management. This approach enabled us to fulfil the project's demands without disrupting the flow of other client shipments.


“Truis was always accommodating. They were always more concerned with supporting our requests than the impacts these changes would have on them."

Craig Nobbs
Head of IT
Best & Less



The results

Together with Best & Less, we successfully deployed a new POS infrastructure across 188 stores, completed ahead of the anticipated schedule and with minimal disruption. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the retailer’s journey towards modernising its operations.

“This project was delivered ahead of schedule, on budget, and with no negative impacts on customers or staff. Truis was a key part of that.”

Craig Nobbs
Head of IT
Best & Less

Aligning with the company’s position as a modern Australian retailer, the newly implemented system offers features which prior to the refresh, were not available to Best & Less. Now, the retailer has the capability to provide its customers with an experience fitting a modern-day value retailer. Built by HP, the system also offers significant improvements for staff, who now have the support of faster transaction times, stronger device performance and stability, and touch screen interfaces.

Since its launch, feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Across the board, all the general managers and assistant managers feel that this project has been a fantastic success. They haven’t felt that the change has caused heavy disruption to how they work, which is the goal from a change management perspective,” said Craig.

“There have been some improvements to the system—different ways of working that have been made available to staff. They embraced all of it and loved all of it,” he said.

The enhanced safety and dependability of the new system marks a substantial improvement from the legacy system, where vulnerabilities and failure rates posed operational and security challenges. The new systems are supported by comprehensive maintenance programs and robust rapid recovery protocols, ensuring their longevity and adaptability to future advancements.

Best & Less appreciates the partnership with Truis and since the successful delivery of this project, our collaborative relationship has continued as we work together to achieve strategic goals.

About Best & Less

Best & Less was founded by Berel Ginges in May 1965 with the opening of the company’s first store in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

Now operating 188 stores* across Australia, Best & Less seeks to provide our target customers, 18–54 year old women with children, with everyday low prices, a high level of customer service, a convenient shopping experience and access to high-quality, affordable everyday basics and on-trend products under the proposition of “twice the quality at half the price”.

*As at February 2024

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