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5 Technology trend and tips that will improve business in 2021

5 Technology trend and tips that will improve business in 2021

Zoom and Teams have become household names, AI has continued to make ‘the everyday’ easier, and with 5G, well it has scared some, but excited most – it’s been an interesting year to say the least.

Here at Truis, we think it’s fair to say, technology has only made it easier to understand and navigate 2020’s unpredictable nature. We’re excited about what technology is doing right now and believe 2021 is full of new opportunities for organisations large and small.

Here’s our list of the top tech trends and insights that will raise the bar for businesses in 2021:

Stay agile with hybrid cloud

The past year has kept businesses on their toes and tested their ability to adapt to the ever-growing digital working environment. Thanks to hybrid cloud, many organisations have improved their agility and adaptability to handle the challenges 2020 brought to the table. Hybrid cloud benefits business continuity, remote working, security, and risk management, while reducing costs and improving scalability. As 2021 plays out, we see hybrid cloud strategies helping organisations strike the right balance for their unique cloud infrastructure needs.

Artificial intelligence is here to help

AI has been one of the biggest tech trends for 2020, and we only see it becoming an even more valuable tool in 2021. With AI and self-learning algorithms, valuable insights and solutions that might have gone unnoticed by manual human analysis will empower organisations to take leaps and bounds in 2021.

A lot of companies struggle to understand where to start or what even AI is. We’ve been slowly educating how businesses can make a start in AI with small but scalable projects and ensuring they are cost effective. When deploying newly developed AI systems and machine learning models, businesses and organisations can struggle with system maintainability, scalability and governance, if the system isn’t strategically developed. Every business and their needs are different – that’s why a ‘tailored solution’ is always better. ‘Tailored’ can sound expensive, but this shouldn’t be the case – a truly tailored solution is one built around the return the solution needs to generate before applied to your business. AI is just like any tool – if designed well, it will make your job easier and more profitable.

5G. Finally!

For the fastest network to date, 5G has taken its time to get here. From 3G onwards, each upgrade in mobile connectivity has enabled new use cases for the internet. It’s important to remember that 5G means a whole lot more than just faster and reliable internet. 5G makes new technology available to us wherever and whenever we need it. An example of 5G in action is Worcester Bosch 5G factory in the UK. This factory has 5G enabled technologies such as IoT which provides continuous machine performance but also enhancing employee safety with machine collision detection IoT sensors.

2021 will see businesses wanting to increase automation across their workforce, and 5G will play a key role in making this, and other technology advancements, possible.

Enjoy more of 2021 with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects your devices and systems – it is a technology that provides opportunities for businesses to expand their digital capabilities across all touchpoints. 2021 will continue to see IoT redefine traditional business operation models. As business becomes more customer focused, IoT will be vital in tracking customer behaviours and providing the insights necessary to stay ahead of challenges. IoT is one of the key enablers in AI projects. Collecting large amounts of generated data from manufacturing machines and processes to consumer behaviors in retail.

When it comes to improving efficiency, productivity and overall in-house costs, organisations who correctly utilise IoT will be the ones smiling throughout 2021.

Why own it when you can consume it as-a-service

Lower costs, faster benefits, increased scalability, and integration – these are just a few of the plus-points when choosing Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Hardware-as-a-service. After 2020, businesses will look for more flexible options throughout 2021. As-a-service enables organisations, large and small to get their hands on the latest technologies without significant investment. Here at Truis we see real value in subscription-based cloud technology and believe flexible solutions should be seriously considered throughout 2021.