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How Do You Score on the Truis FY25 Cloud Health Check Test?  

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Ensuring your public, private, and hybrid cloud environment runs optimally both in terms of cost and performance is critical for IT leaders. But how do you know if your cloud environment is truly efficient and cost-effective?

Are you a ‘Cloud Optimiser’ or a ‘Cloud Champion’?

Often business and IT requirements morph and change over time so what was once optimal is no longer the case.

As we kick off FY25, why not use this opportunity to grab a coffee and take our 10-minute annual cloud health check?

This quick Truis quiz will provide you with a clear understanding of your current cloud status and leave you with actionable insights to improve performance and reduce costs.

Ready for a quick check up?

The Truis Cloud Health Check self-assessment consists of eight questions. For each question, score yourself based on your current practices. At the end, tally your points to see where you stand and see our Truis recommendations based on your score.

Ready? Let’s go! 

  1. How often do you review your cloud spending?

   - a) Monthly (3 points) 

   - b) Quarterly (2 points) 

   - c) Annually (1 point) 

   - d) Never (0 points) 

  1. Does you have automated tools to optimise cloud resource allocation?

   - a) Yes, we use advanced automation tools (3 points) 

   - b) We have some automation but it’s not comprehensive (2 points) 

   - c) We rely mostly on manual adjustments (1 point) 

   - d) No, we don’t use automation (0 points) 

  1. How do you manage application performance in the cloud?

   - a) Proactively with real-time monitoring and automation (3 points) 

   - b) We use monitoring tools but manual intervention is often needed (2 points) 

   - c) We react to issues as they arise (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t have a defined process (0 points) 

  1. How do you handle cloud cost optimisation?

   - a) We continuously optimise and right-size our resources (3 points) 

   - b) We perform periodic cost reviews (2 points) 

   - c) We make adjustments based on usage spikes (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t focus on cost optimisation (0 points) 

  1. Do you use a unified platform to manage both private and public cloud environments?

   - a) Yes, we have a single platform for both (3 points) 

   - b) We use multiple tools but they are integrated (2 points) 

   - c) We use different tools for each environment (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t manage them in a unified way (0 points) 

  1. How do you ensure compliance and security in your cloud environment?

   - a) We have automated compliance checks and continuous monitoring (3 points) 

   - b) We perform regular manual audits (2 points) 

   - c) We address issues as they are reported (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t have a structured compliance strategy (0 points) 

  1. What is your approach to cloud resource provisioning?

   - a) Resources are dynamically provisioned based on real-time demand (3 points) 

   - b) We provision resources based on forecasted demand (2 points) 

   - c) We over-provision to avoid shortages (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t have a provisioning strategy (0 points) 

  1. How do you handle performance issues when they arise?

   - a) We use AI-driven insights to pre-emptively address issues (3 points) 

   - b) We have a team dedicated to troubleshooting (2 points) 

   - c) We address issues as they are reported (1 point) 

   - d) We don’t have a specific approach (0 points)

So how did you get on?

Curious to check your results?  

Add up your points to get your total score and let’s see how your business scored in the Truis FY25 Cloud Health Check. 

24-18 Points: Cloud Champion 

Congratulations! Your cloud infrastructure is in excellent health. You’re leveraging advanced tools and best practices to ensure optimal performance and cost efficiency. Keep up the great work and consider further fine-tuning your strategy with solutions like IBM Turbonomic for continuous improvement. 

17-10 Points: Cloud Contender 

You’re doing really well, but there’s always room for improvement. While you have some good practices in place, you could benefit from more comprehensive automation and unified management tools. Explore solutions that can help you streamline operations and reduce costs effectively. 

9-0 Points: Cloud Optimiser 

Your cloud environment has great potential for optimisation. You may be experiencing inefficiencies and higher costs due to a lack of automation and unified management. Things might be feeling a little too manual and time consuming at the moment. It's crucial to start implementing best practices and consider tools like IBM Turbonomic® to enhance your cloud performance by automating resource optimisation and deliver cost savings in the process.  

What’s next?  

No matter your score, we believe cloud environments never stand still and there’s always room to enhance performance.  

If your health check highlighted areas for improvement in FY25, then Truis are here ready to support.

We’d like to offer you a free 30-minute debrief with our Cloud specialists to agree the next steps on your cloud optimisation journey.  

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Truis and IBM in Partnership

Truis assesses the best software and cloud tooling on the market and brings the best-of-the-breed technology to our clients. Truis is proud to be an IBM Gold partner and to have the benefits of IBM Turbonomic for our clients.

IBM Turbonomic helps optimise the performance and cost of your cloud environment through continuous, real-time application performance assurance, proactive bottleneck identification, and automated resourcing decisions.

By focusing on key areas such as understanding performance needs, identifying waste, and automating optimisation, you can significantly improve your cloud efficiency and effectiveness.  

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