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What is IBM Turbonomic® and why is it the secret weapon IT teams need to maximise application performance 



Ensuring optimal application performance while managing costs effectively is a challenge for most Australian IT teams. 

Truis is excited to introduce you to a powerful tool to maximise application and cloud performance whilst controlling costs.

Introducing IBM Turbonomic! A critical asset to maximise application performance.

In this blog, we’ll unpack what IBM Turbonomic is and, more importantly, why you should care. 

Introducing IBM Turbonomic

IBM Turbonomic is a software platform designed to optimise the performance and cost of IT infrastructure across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. It provides real-time, continuous performance assurance for applications by dynamically allocating resources, based on demand. 

What are the use cases for IBM Turbonomic?

 There are many use cases for IBM Turbonomic but the key ones are:

  • Assuring application performance
  • Accelerating cloud-native initiatives
  • Optimising cloud environments
  • Modernising data centre projects
  • Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint

Why should IBM Turbonomic be on your radar for FY25?

1. Continuous application performance assurance

Most IT Teams are under pressure to ensure application performance and a seamless user experience, all whilst not overspending precious budget.

IBM Turbonomic excels in ensuring continuous application performance. By monitoring applications in real-time, it can automatically adjust resources to meet demand, preventing performance issues before they affect the user experience. This proactive approach saves IT teams from reactive problem-solving, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Truis tip: If your business requires real-time insights and automated adjustments, ensuring your applications always perform at their best consider a 30-Day Proof of Value for IBM Turbonomic.


2. Cost optimisation

Overspending on cloud resources is a common issue for many organisations. In FY25, IT budgets are likely to be tight for the majority whilst the economy and market are slow.

IBM Turbonomic helps identify and eliminate waste by optimising resource allocation based on actual application needs.

Businesses can reduce their on-premises spend by up to 75% and public cloud spend by 33% using IBM Turbonomic.

Turbonomic users achieve substantial cost savings by reviewing and optimising cloud and on-premises resource allocations.

Truis tip:  If cloud costing saving is a strategic FY25 priority consider the role of tooling for automated resource allocation. Conduct a proof of value to analyse the full business case and Total cost of ownership scenario.


3. Improved resource utilisation

With tight budgets, we’re all required to do more with what we’ve got! Efficient use of resources is critical in maintaining both performance and cost-effectiveness.

IBM Turbonomic visualises full-stack relationships and dependencies, allowing IT teams to see how resources are being utilised across the environment. This holistic view helps in making informed decisions about resource allocation, ensuring that every resource is used efficiently.

Truis tip: As we enter FY25, review how decisions are made today for resource allocation and the optimal scenario for the year ahead. Based on your environment, is there a likely business case to support improving resource utilisation. What is the potential ROI?


4. Automation and innovation

IBM Turbonomic goes beyond mere monitoring by automating resourcing decisions driven by application demand. This frees up IT teams to focus on innovation rather than manual resource management.

The platform’s automation capabilities can reduce support tickets by 70% and give back 30% of engineering time, allowing your team to work on projects that drive business value.

Truis tip:Review current support tickets and whether there is room for optimisation or is current performance optimal for FY25.


5. Sustainability and efficiency

Truis have a longstanding deep commitment to sustainability.

In addition to performance and cost benefits, IBM Turbonomic contributes to sustainability efforts. By optimising resource usage, it reduces the carbon footprint of IT operations. This aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable practices in IT management.

Truis tip: What sustainability and efficiency KPI and goals does your organisation have for FY25? On current course and speed, is the IT department on track to hit these goals? 

Success stories

IBM Turbonomic has benefitted hundreds of organisations. A global financial services firm reduced its on-premises spend by 75% and improved compute density by 50%, directly impacting its VMware license requirements. Another organisation achieved a 471% ROI within six months of implementation.  

What's your unique business case?

Each IT department and each business case is unique. If you’d like to understand what benefit IBM Turbonomic could bring to your business we’d like to offer you a 30-day Proof of Value.



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