Our policies

Our policies are in place to ensure we are transparent and communicate effectively with our customers. We look forward to helping you move your business forward.


Plain English Sales Conditions

By signing a Sale Agreement with us (Truis), you (the Purchaser) agree with the list of joint responsibilities below.

Our Responsibilities

  1. To ensure you are happy with the end result.
  2. To supply and deliver the products / services as agreed on the Schedule.
  3. To guarantee you clear ownership after payment is received in full.
  4. To notify you, that if you are financing this equipment and Truis have introduced you to the financier that Truis may receive a benefit / incentive from the financier.
  5. To provide manufacturer’s warranty on all new products.
  6. To honour all warranty and maintenance guarantees in a timely fashion.
  7. To cover all risks on the equipment up to delivery of the products.
  8. To remove at our cost, all downgrade/removed parts resulting from upgrades.

Your Responsibilities

  1. To ensure the products / services will do the job you want, before signing the agreement.
  2. To ensure you have adequate maintenance / warranty cover.
  3. To inspect and test the products within 7 days from delivery.
  4. To arrange and pay for any software licences you need to run the product.
  5. To give consent to point 4. in our responsibilities.
  6. To pay for the products / services within 30 days from invoice.
  7. To grant us title to any downgrade / removed parts resulting from upgrades.
  8. Not to hold us liable for any damages or injuries due to use or misuse of the products / services.
  9. To acknowledge that our liability is limited to the cost of replacement products / services or equivalent.
  10. Not to assign this Agreement.

Intellectual Property

If an order includes software or other intellectual property, such software or other intellectual property is provided by us to you subject to the terms and conditions in the applicable licence agreement.

Need to know more about our policies?

Policies can be confusing at times. If you would like us to clarify anything or learn more about our policies, please do get in touch.