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Education in the Modern Age

The pandemic forced businesses to adopt new technologies and processes, and the education sector saw some of the biggest changes to their traditional method of delivering learning.  While the last few years have been good catalysts for change, K-12 institutions are still facing significant hurdles in the tech race.

These are some of the challenges we’re seeing education organisations struggle with.


Years Of Experiences

Extend your team

If you’re struggling with your IT workload, or finding the right talent to expand your IT department is a point of friction, let our team of experts lend a hand. Between our catalogue of managed services and our installation and fit-out offerings, we can shoulder some of your tasks, or get boots on the ground where you need them.

Health-check your network

Many organisations go to great lengths to protect their network, but adversaries are getting smarter. More and more data breaches are reported each year, and education organisations are frequently at the top of the list. Our data security experts are trained in spotting the holes in your network before someone else does.

Provide supplies

Fitting out an organisation with security and technology in the modern age is no small feat. With over 50 of the biggest names in the business, Truis have hardware solutions for all your problems across all price-points.
Whether you’re looking to expand your infrastructure or upgrade existing systems, we will have you spoiled for choice.

Procurement and logistics

Our purpose-built warehouse is a state-of-the-art facility used to house and keep stock of IT hardware and supply your sites when you need them.

Our reverse-logistics capabilities ensure you can close the loop on your IT assets in-store, letting your team get back to the more pressing tasks.


Not sure where to start?

You can’t solve technology troubles with cookie-cutter solutions; it just doesn’t work. In our 40 years of helping people, we’ve realised that you really need to take time and properly understand how an organisation runs to help them find solutions.If you’re not sure where to start, we can help with that too. We would like to invite you to a free consultation and health check of your current systems to help us better understand your needs.

Want to talk about solutions?

Get in touch with one of our education experts today.