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A Note from Matt Dargie

Demand for Artificial Intelligence is growing

Our strategy to provide customised AI business Solutions has been well received in the market place. Our multi stage approach allowing customers to experiment and explore an idea without having to commit a large amount of funds and resources is attracting the attention of Executives.
The demand has encouraged us to increase our marketing for AI services. October saw the start of a direct social media AI campaign targeted a C level Executives. In November we sponsored Brisbane’s premier digital event ‘Something Digital’ and in early 2021 we will be releasing case studies demonstrating an innovative machine learning project that we have just completed for a project for a prestigious Australian sporting organisation. We’re excited about what AI can do for businesses and the great ideas that are being uncovered.


The AI Ladder

Businesses struggle to start their AI journey, with most chalking it up to an expensive science experiment with no clear outcome. Some are concerned about the cost, resource, and time commitment putting AI to work might involve. Both can stop them from harnessing the potential of AI to conquer enterprise inefficiencies.
Here at Truis, one resource has been instrumental in ironing our the myths and unknowns surrounding AI; This is The AI Ladder.
Visit our AI webpage for more information on how to start your AI journey.


Helping Customers and Vendors manage Renewals through CMLive

We continued to enhance our automated Renewals management system to help customers keep ahead of the growing number of renewals. We now manage nearly 6000 individual renewals across 200+ Vendors. The automation we’ve put in place allows us to scale the service and be confident a customer will never miss an important date. Through CMLive our customers have full visibility of their renewals along with any activity our team is providing. Understanding the challenges that Vendors and customers face inspired us to build a renewals management solution. Our proactive, automated and transparent approach is proving to be a welcome solution to the problem.

Matt Dargie

Matt Dargie

Director, Services & Infrastructure