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Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Wherever you have a situation that involves processing large amounts of transactions or large volumes of data, there’s an opportunity for automation. This was certainly the case for a Truis client in the property maintenance industry. Servicing over ten thousand strata title properties, one of the main functions of the business is to provide operational management of their customer’s facilities.
Automation with Artificial Intelligence


For this client managing a facility involves two distinct categories:

  1. Maintenance activities to fix items that are broken and,
  2. Compliance activities to ensure that the facility complies with all the government regulatory requirements and building codes.

Handling activities for this many properties involves hundreds of staff and thousands of contractors. Most of the focus is put on handling the requests in a timely fashion and ensuring that the work performed is of high quality. The back-end filing of the data becomes a secondary priority. The importance of filing is critical however as it measures whether both client and legal obligations are met.

What is the challenge for business’s to implement A.I?

The challenge for the business was how do they quickly and easily categorise all the recently completed requests? It would take a human approximately one month of tedious work to get through just a fraction of the workload. The answer was in the data itself. With the use of AI Computer Merchants developed a machine learning model to perform the categorisation. In less than 1 day machine learning was able to categorise over 18,000 documents and return a compatible data set to be integrated into their corporate systems. Importantly, the accuracy was comparable to what you would expect from a trained employee.


What is the next steps for business’s to integrate A.I?

The next step for the organisation is to integrate the AI model into their daily workflow so that the document categorisation happens in real time. The IT team have also identified their next use case for AI is to help manage and detect fraudulent invoices.

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