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How IT is building a better in-store experience.

How IT is building a better in-store experience.

When eCommerce was beginning to pick up momentum in the 1990s, there was some concern that the rise of online buying would mean the extinction of in-person shopping experiences.

However, a look at the present-day retail landscape tells a very different story.

Rather than cause the decline of in-person shopping experiences, today’s retailers are using IT as a tool to enhance them.

At Truis, we’ve worked alongside some of Australia’s top retailers to equip them with IT solutions that support their growth strategy.

Both retail and IT are fast-moving industries, but when it comes to using IT to enhance the in-store experience, there’s a few things we don’t foresee going away, any time soon.

So here they are, some of the top ways retailers are using tech to make the in-store experience even better:

1. POS systems

Over the last few years, point-of-sale (POS) systems have come leaps and bounds. Now, self-serve POS systems have become the new normal for plenty of big retailers. Hand-held POS systems, which allow employees to process transactions from anywhere in the store, have also become more popular. These new models help to reduce checkout queues and deliver faster, more efficient service to customers.

2. Digital signage

Digital signage has changed the way we shop in-store. Not only is it a compelling way to deliver messages to customers, but new-age digital signage can also leverage interactivity to deliver more personalised shopping experiences. For example, touch screen signage systems can be a powerful tool to help customers with everything from navigating around the store, to placing a purchase order.

3. In-store analytics

Some retailers are using analytics tools to monitor customer behaviour and preferences in their stores. This data can be used to improve store layout, product placement, and other aspects of the in-store experience.

4. Virtual try-on

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology isn’t just for eCommerce. Plenty of retailers have already brought this technology into their physical stores to enhance their customers’ in-store experience. One of the most prevalent ways retailers are doing this is by using these technologies to allow customers to try on clothes and accessories virtually.

5. Smart in-store security

Smart in-store security helps retailers safeguard their stores against theft and other security breaches. Using AI, machine learning (ML), and computer vision, smart security systems can detect suspicious behaviour and alert your retail staff in real time.

Better yet, modern IT platforms can connect smart security, network, and wifi, to empower retailers with a secure, unified, and fully integrated experience across various sites.

6. Beacons

Beacons are small, wireless devices that use Bluetooth technology to send signals to smartphones and other mobile devices. In physical retail stores, beacons are often used to provide location-based services and more personalised customer experiences.

Some of the most popular ways retailers are leveraging beacons is by using them to carry out proximity marketing strategies, where shoppers are sent personalised messages based on where they are in the store; and indoor navigation, which directs customers to the specific item or aisle they’re searching for.

These are just a few examples of the thousands of ways technology can be used to transform the in-store shopping experience.

And at the centre of every new in-store IT development is the same overarching goal: Make the shopping experience better for people.


Considering that people-first IT is the heart and soul of Truis, it makes perfect sense that building seamless in-store customer experiences has become one of our top specialties.

From upgrading your IoT devices, to bringing in self-service POS, to a top-to-bottom in-store evolution across multiple sites – our team of retail specialists know exactly what it takes to deliver an in-store experience that knocks it out of the park.

To learn more about how we can help your IT solutions, book a free consultation with one of our team members – we’d love to hear from you.

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