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How Much Can You Flex? Embracing Flexibility for Enhanced Business Security

How Much Can You Flex? Embracing Flexibility for Enhanced Business Security

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Whether you’re running a medium-sized business, one thing is clear: your security measures need to be as flexible as your aspirations. In the ever-shifting business universe, security needs can be as multifaceted as a box of chocolates with countless flavours. From keeping your people and devices safe to fortifying your precious assets, having security solutions that can flex and expand alongside you is crucial.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of flexibility and holistic security, let’s start with three key questions:

  • How can we enable your people?
  • How can we enhance your workspaces?
  • And how can you empower your IT management?

Considering these questions can benefit when exploring the best practices to protect your people, devices, and assets and what comprehensive security solution, like Cisco Meraki’s flexible cloud-led portfolio, will be fit for purpose to bring it all to life.

Adapting to Emerging Threats:

With 42% of cyberattacks aimed at SMBs, Cybersecurity demands businesses to stay one step ahead of the game. That’s where flexibility shines. By valuing flexibility, SMBs like you can quickly adapt their security measures to tackle emerging risks, reducing vulnerability to cyber-attacks and data breaches. As an SMB business, you need to be able to detect, alert, track, analyse, and solve advanced threats across networks, devices, email, and applications. Leveraging cloud-led solutions such as Cisco, Truis can deliver a holistic security solution that protects all your investments and initiatives across your business so you can withstand unpredictable threats or changes and emerge stronger.

Mitigating Physical Security Risks:

While cybersecurity often takes the spotlight, physical security is equally crucial for protecting your organisation. Here’s where flexibility makes a difference once again. By embracing flexibility, small and medium businesses can tailor their physical security measures to counteract changing circumstances. This might involve implementing access control systems, surveillance cameras, or adjusting security protocols in response to specific threats or incidents. With flexibility, you can tackle physical security risks in real-time, preventing unauthorised access and potential breaches.

Safeguarding Against Environmental Factors:

When coming at it as a holistic security approach, we can’t forget about environmental security. Flexibility, in this context, means adapting security measures based on environmental conditions. Whether it’s implementing backup power systems to combat power outages, deploying fire suppression systems, or integrating environmental monitoring technologies. Through the flexibility of a solution ecosystem like Cisco’s cloud-led portfolio, you can deliver holistic security solutions that include environmental safety technology, making for a safer, more secure company.

Enhancing Resilience and Recovery:

No security system is complete without addressing resilience and recovery. In the unfortunate event of a security incident or disaster, a holistic security approach empowers your SMB to bounce back quickly and minimise disruptions. By integrating cybersecurity, physical security, and environmental security as a triple threat into a cohesive strategy, you can effectively respond to incidents, restore systems, and mitigate potential damage.

Now it’s time for Three Truis Tactics to consider when embracing a holistic security strategy:

  1. Assess the entire business landscape: Take the time to evaluate your overall security posture by analysing your digital infrastructure, physical premises, and potential environmental vulnerabilities. This helps identify weak points and prioritise security efforts. Once the assessment is complete, you can determine your cyber, physical, and environmental risks. Acknowledging these dangers enables the development of a targeted and effective security strategy.
  2. Develop a comprehensive security plan: With a clear understanding of the risks, now is the time to make a solid plan of attack. This plan should incorporate cybersecurity measures, physical security measures, and environmental safety measures, ensuring a well-rounded and integrated approach. And with streamlined, cloud-based management and seamless integration with existing security infrastructure, you or your team can quickly deploy, monitor, and manage security solutions from anywhere. By leveraging cloud-based smart sensors and cameras, advanced threat detection, and zero-trust capabilities, the Cisco portfolio can offer your business industry-leading physical, environmental, and cyber security solutions at an affordable price.
  3. Partner with experts: In our Truis travels, we see how the lack of resources and expertise to manage security in-house is weighing on IT teams; by working with IT security experts such as Truis, we can provide a comprehensive and proactive security service tailored to your SMB requirements. Truis can help you stay updated on the latest security threats and technologies, provide ongoing monitoring and support, and offer guidance in implementing and maintaining a holistic security approach. Whether you’re looking to enhance existing infrastructure or just taking the first step on your journey to the cloud, you can have best-in-class physical, environmental, and cyber security tools delivered by Truis. With solutions that adapt as your business grows, your employees can spend less time combatting security threats and more time showing impressive results.

Flexibility isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a critical aspect of SMB security. By embracing a holistic approach that values flexibility, businesses can proactively respond to emerging threats, adapt physical security measures, safeguard against environmental factors, and enhance resilience and recovery capabilities. So, let’s navigate the ever-changing landscape of SMB security together to empower you to reach new heights while keeping your business safe and secure.

Get ready to push the boundaries of your security framework.

Get ready to push the boundaries of your security framework.  


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Truis offer simplified, affordable, and holistic security solutions from Cisco that will protect your investments and initiatives for any-sized customer.

Truis offer simplified, affordable, and holistic security solutions from Cisco that will protect your investments and initiatives for any-sized customer.

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