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IT Assets and Renewals – Tips for managing your IT assets and renewals

It’s no secret managing IT assets is a pain. Lets face it, laptops, servers and all of the above all require a lot of attention from the IT department. As your partner in the IT space, we understand the importance of asset management and the need for this to be simple, straightforward, and accessed from a central data point. We appreciate that the right intervention of asset management can prevent issues from developing before they become problems.
IT Assets and Renewals – Tips for managing your IT assets and renewals

Spreadsheets upon Spreadsheets

We’ve all been there, up to our ears in spreadsheets attempting to track our hardware, software, and other asset licenses, renewals and contracts. With manual tracking or multiple sets of data it’s easy for things to be overlooked or data to be inconsistent. Or, we rely on vendor notifications to remind us when renewals are due, but emails can be missed, and unnoticed maintenance expiries can cause costly errors. Without a centralised location or ‘single source of truth’, a number of inconsistencies with data can cause unnecessary headaches for any organisation. We’ve even seen business’ with an ‘other’ tab, after-all things like the CEO’s car insurance is something that requires tracking – if only there was a better way. Read on to understand how Truis can help alleviate this burden.

Messy IT asset management

As a business requiring IT ourselves, we understand the importance and need for reporting – particularly around the lifecycle management of your technology. A simplified management tool, in which actionable data can be taken can help with this reporting. Identifying equipment your business no longer uses, eliminating the need for maintaining that equipment and more, are results your controlling administration will appreciate.

Financial records and asset information

Keeping on top of the cost of assets and renewals is a never-ending battle. Knowing when a piece of software comes up for renewal each year can be a guessing game at times. Asset spend on a yearly basis or even monthly basis can be a hassle too. It’s important to know what devices are breaking or those that need replacing. Accurate documentation of these devices and when they break down can really impact your buying decisions and help you make some crucial IT decisions when it comes to picking a vendor.

Shadow IT

Shadow IT has slowly become an increasingly prevalent topic in recent years, with departments outside of IT making increasingly more technical decisions about devices they buy and software that is implemented. Maybe the Marketing guy downloaded a new trial for some trivial marketing software or HR decided they needed new monitors. These rouge devices and software licenses can result in a number of issues, from data breaches and financial liabilities affecting not just their department but the whole organisation.

Having some process checks in place and an easy-to-use method of documenting assets can encourage your staff to enter assets themselves and self-service.


“Most organisations grossly underestimate the number of shadow IT applications already in use… Liabilities can be very large due to a mix of costs that include notification penalties, auditing processes, loss of customer revenue, brand damage, security remediation and investment, and cyber insurance.”

Gartner, 2016


Our solution? Truis Connect

Truis Connect is our response to easing the minefield of managing your IT assets and renewals, a centralised place to manage your business’ software and hardware assets. Your Truis Account Manager can also notify you when you have a renewal upcoming – there’s no surprises due to license features being removed from a piece of software or equipment maintenance exceeding scope given it hadn’t been updated. Rely on Truis Connect, and rely on us, to see you through. And what’s better, anything you purchase through Truis is automatically added into Truis Connect so you can be on top of your resources from the get-go. To learn more about Truis Connect and how it can empower your business, click here to read more about our platform.


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