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Our Truis Journey

Here we are almost at the end of our financial year and what a year it’s been for us. Not only have we managed to grow and prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic but we’ve also managed to roll out our new brand in the middle of these tumultuous times. I’m incredibly proud of all of our teamwork this year and the many times I have witnessed our core values at work.

To prosper as we have during this time we’ve had to stay on our game. With all the hardships associated with international lockdowns, buyers have become warier of their spending, having to review their purchasing decisions. In turn, our team has had to react and offer more flexible solutions to promote customer engagement.

I read an article recently that picked the top sales trends in 2021. It was great to see that many of the sales trends in 2021 have already been adopted by us. Some of these include:

  1. Creativity is the new sales hack

As an organisation we needed to look for the things that will differentiate us from everyone else.  Our TruisConnect portal has continued to evolve and has been embraced by customers resulting in new business.

  1. Implement Automation

Automation is not really a trend, but rather a necessity we must continue to use in order to improve business workflow and maintain a competitive advantage. Having our own CRM has enabled us to develop our functionality and automate many of our processes. As the article I read noted, “Algorithms and notifications make life easier… because sometimes working hard is too much hard work”.

  1. Value-based Selling

The only way to maintain our customer’s best interests is to ensure that the decision they make to purchase from Truis is for the benefit of their business. We have to make sure we identify our customers needs and wants and tailor our offer to them.

  1. Social Selling is essential

Instead of trying to sell our product right here and now,  we need to plant an idea and keep developing it. Having a business profile on any of the social media platforms is integral. Our Marketing team have done an incredible job of employing the correct media strategies to ensure our brand is uppermost in our customer’s minds.

  1. Customer success over customer support

Another way to provide value to our customers is to ensure we genuinely support their business success. It’s no longer enough to produce a high-quality product and promote it to our customers. Customers have become more demanding than ever before and unless they’re a hundred percent sure the solution they invest their money in will work for them, they aren’t going to settle for it.

  1. Bringing All Teams Closer Together

Sales are no longer just about the Sales team. Since the customer journey reaches every part of our organisation it’s essential all of our teams work harmoniously together to provide the results our customers are after. Whether it’s the follow up phone call from our Customer Service team or the careful project planning from our Project Managers. We all have important role to play.

I’m personally looking forward to the remainder of this financial year and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you on what will be our best year to date!


Mark Loparow

Mark Loparow

Director, Sales & Marketing