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Retailers, Which Side Are You On when it comes to your IT? Team Proactive or Reactive? Let's unpack 7 tactics to pave the Way to a Smooth Future

The Changing Face of Retail

The retail sector is grappling with significant challenges as it adapts to the evolving "new normal" landscape. These challenges include increasing operational costs, shipping disruptions, staffing shortages, and fierce competition from online retailers.

Adding to this complexity is the critical role of IT. In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, IT demands attention as it presents both unique challenges and opportunities for retailers.

As retail IT challenges persist, they can bring can continue to present hurdles, such as:

  1. Outdated Legacy Software: Many businesses still need to find a way to meet their needs.
  2. Cybersecurity Challenges: Security measures have struggled to keep pace with the growing threat of cyberattacks.
  3. Integration Issues: Poor integration across various business systems adds complexity and reduces productivity.
  4. Inefficient Processes: Inefficient re-ordering and supply fulfilment processes cost retailers time and money.
  5. Underutilised Data: Many retailers need help leveraging data to enhance customer loyalty effectively.

The Transition from Reactivity to Proactivity

So, how can retailers shift from a reactive stance towards IT challenges to a proactive approach that embraces the latest IT opportunities? 

Consider these seven top tips curated by us, for you:

  1. Simplify IT and Store Operations: Upgrade to an integrated retail IT system for easy operation and streamlined staff training.
  2. Enhance Customer Experience and Loyalty: Leverage customer data to provide targeted offers and campaigns that reward loyalty.
  3. Automate Store Operations: Implement an easy-to-use retail system linked to warehouse fulfilment software for multiple benefits.
  4. Build a Strong, Secure Network in the Cloud: Outsource IT management to a managed service provider for a stronger, more secure network with added cloud-based protection.
  5. Empower Employee Productivity: Provide staff with modern and efficient IT tools to boost happiness and productivity.
  6. Enhance Security: Shift on-premises servers to the cloud to reduce data theft and cyber threat risks, ensuring the safety of staff, customers, and stores.
  7. Grow and Scale Sustainably: Adopt a managed service solution to scale IT and business needs up or down based on seasonal or operational requirements.

When Queensland retailer Cornetts approached Truis to upgrade their outdated systems across 33 IGA stores, their newly integrated finance, stock, and POS system "saved thousands" on invoicing. CEO Graham Booysen noted that automatic stock re-ordering resulted in admin savings of "one person per store per day."

Testimonial from Graham Boosyen – Cornetts CEO

A durable IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of any business's success. It streamlines operations, safeguards sensitive data, facilitates growth, and elevates the customer experience. By prioritising your infrastructure, you're not just adapting to the present but confidently embracing the future.

Adapting to the dynamic business environment can be challenging, but we're here to help you succeed. Truis has been a trusted partner with Cisco in the retail industry for over a decade. Our mutual aim is to streamline and improve retail IT systems, making them more dependable and customer-focused. With Cisco's quality retail IT solutions and collaborative approach, we're committed to supporting your business thriving in today's ever-changing trading landscape.

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