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Simplify your datacentre stack with Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and Truis

When the cloud was first taking off organisations had a choice to make – cloud or no cloud? It was a fairly straightforward question for what was at the time, a pretty straightforward digital landscape.That’s no longer the case though. Today, organisations still have a choice to make but it’s a little more complex – which cloud for this particular app?
Simplify your datacentre stack with Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and Truis

The cutthroat and competitive nature of markets nowadays means organisations must be leveraging the speed and agility provided by the public cloud, the caveat to going fully public, though, lies in the increasingly volatile threat landscape and growing data compliance demands. Security and compliance – two things that private cloud and on-premise infrastructure provide.

Which reiterates the question – which cloud for this particular app?

In order to put every app where it’s most suited, the answer lies somewhere in between public and private cloud, or as people in IT circles like to label it, hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is a combination of private or on-premise infrastructure with public cloud – giving organisations the best of both worlds without having to put all their eggs in one basket.

Be careful though.

How do I reduce my organisation IT complexity?

Nutanix has developed an industry leading, 100% software-defined HCI solution that delivers a single cloud platform to facilitate any kind of hybrid or multicloud strategy.[1] So regardless of your environment’s overall makeup you can enjoy management and operations through a single management console for all your workloads. That includes:

  • Enterprise apps
  • Databases
  • Cloud native apps
  • DevOps and testing
  • IoT devices at the Edge
  • Robotics
  • End user compute
  • Analytics and insight

With the ability to manage datacentre apps and clouds through a single dashboard, it unshackles IT teams from mundane and time-consuming management tasks. Apps can be moved seamlessly between public, private, and edge clouds at the click of a finger and as a vendor agnostic software platform, it’s easily deployed to the public or private cloud solution of your choice.

It was calculated that using Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform with a HCI setup CTO’s could achieve a five-year ROI of 477% on average.3 This was achieved through a combination of the below

  • Leveraging an agile and scalable platform that increased employee efficiency.3
  • Limiting operational risk and eliminating unplanned downtime that resulted in significant revenue losses.3
  • Increasing the efficiency of IT staff and reducing time spent on maintenance, upgrades, and support.3
  • Driving down hardware and software costs by improving infrastructure effectiveness and reducing licensing needs.3

Nutanix HCI lets you take advantage of the public cloud benefits you desire, and the private cloud control you demand. The best of both worlds which gives you:

  • Unrivalled cloud stack – a complete stack of infrastructure that integrates compute, storage, virtualisation, and networking resources.
  • Simplicity at the click of a finger – streamline all your lifecycle and management tasks through a single source of truth.
  • Automation for peace of mind – machine learning technology enables automation of common tasks and gives app owners and developers on-demand services.
  • Cloud cost savings – Nutanix HCI can help to reduce datacentre TCO by up to 60%,[2] and through a subscription-based model you only pay for what you use.
  • App deployment in minutes – always on availability and seamless integration between clouds means new infrastructure can be delivered in minutes as opposed to weeks.

Truis – We make IT more human

We are the IT professionals making IT more human. The ever-changing digital landscape is pushing digital transformation to the forefront of business thinking. We understand, though, that many organisations don’t have the necessary time or internal resources to correctly assess their needs and design, implement and manage a hybrid cloud strategy.

Let us help you navigate your cloud journey with simple yet effective offerings. Take a collaborative approach to your cloud strategy and let us help you maximise your results without maximising your costs.

If you’re looking for IT solutions that make total sense, contact us.

And if you would like to learn more about Nutanix HCI, and see the power of a unified platform first-hand, you can start your free trial today.