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Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud with IBM

Businesses are rapidly moving to hybrid cloud models to keep up with growing data and app demands. These models should be simple, but they often become over complicated as IT teams grapple with integrating existing IT infrastructures and meeting diverse requirements. To solve these challenges, many businesses are implementing salable, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions that simplify their hybrid cloud experience.
Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud with IBM

The Benefits of Having a Hybrid Cloud 

A hybrid cloud model is where a business has a mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services to meet the demands of their data and apps. Some of the main reasons businesses are opting for this mix of on-premise and cloud storage include: 

  • Scalability: Being able to quickly scale storage up or down is key to optimising productivity and reducing storage overspend or shortages. 
  • Cost-savings: Using both on-premise and cloud storage reduces the time and cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining new servers. 
  • Flexibility: A hybrid cloud allows businesses to meet their various data and app needs.

Simplifying Your Hybrid Cloud 

To optimise your IT infrastructure properly, you need a comprehensive hybrid cloud model that works well with your existing IT infrastructure. Key features businesses are seeking in their modern hybrid cloud systems in 2021 and beyond include simple management, data protection, scalability and cost-efficiency. 

Integration of Your Existing IT Infrastructure 

One of the most common hybrid cloud challenges that leading tech brands, such as IBM, are tackling head-on is allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their existing IT infrastructure into their new, simplified hybrid cloud solution. This makes it easier for businesses to optimise their infrastructure without reinventing the wheel.  

Simplified Management  

With a hybrid cloud solution that has a software-defined architecture and AI-powered features, you can gain actionable insights into performance and capacity. The development of this type of visibility and ability to easily manage your storage in one place has become an incredibly valuable feature for businesses. 

Modern Data Protection Across Your Entire Hybrid Cloud 

Security is a primary concern for businesses and can be a challenge when managing storage across different environments. When you’re choosing a modern hybrid cloud solution, make sure that it has the ability to quickly detect signs of ransomware attacks and includes proactive security notifications to keep you ahead of the curve.  

Smooth Data Migration Between On-premise and the Cloud 

When you’re using a hybrid cloud model, it’s important to be able to migrate data and applications for consistent management, backup and replication. Technology such as IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ for Public Cloud support mirroring between on-premise and cloud data centres to make this process as seamless as possible. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

To optimise costs and keep your business running at peak performance, a scalable and flexible storage solution is key. This helps you achieve lower costs with storage that you can scale up or down depending on your business requirements. 


Making Your Hybrid Cloud Plan a Reality 

Are you struggling to find time to plan, implement and manage an effective cloud strategy? We’ve seen a lot of businesses facing the same challenge. Our IBM-certified solution architects understand how to build the best infrastructure for the unique needs of each business. If you’d like advice, or you’re interesting in learning more, contact us to talk to one of our experts about simplifying your hybrid cloud.  

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