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The benefits of Security Awareness Training



As we navigate an era marked by relentless technological advancements, the importance of prioritising robust cybersecurity practices has never been more apparent. Coming to the end of the year, to underscore the significance of cybersecurity awareness training, emphasising its pivotal role in fortifying organisational defences and fostering a culture of vigilance against cyber threats.

Cyber Security Awareness training enrols your staff into various initiatives and campaigns, which aims to educate individuals and organisations about the evolving nature of cyber threats and the proactive measures necessary to mitigate potential risks. By highlighting real-world case studies, best practices, and the latest cybersecurity trends, this global event seeks to empower participants with the knowledge and tools required to safeguard sensitive data and uphold digital security standards.

Organisations can amplify their efforts to educate employees about the ever-evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals. By conducting specialised workshops, seminars, and training sessions, organisations can equip their workforce with the necessary skills to identify, prevent, and respond to cyber threats effectively.

Investing in cybersecurity training offers numerous benefits, including:

Risk Mitigation: Educating employees and individuals about the potential cyber risks reduce the impact of a staff member falling victim to cyber-attacks.

Compliance: Many industries have specific cybersecurity regulations and compliance requirements. These training programs help keep your business above board and adhere to the standards to avoid legal consequences.

Employee empowerment: Knowing the dangers is one thing, but being able to call out a threat raises the overall security posture of the whole organisation.

Cost savings: Cybersecurity incidents are a cost your business can often not afford. Investing in a cybersecurity awareness program can help save your business’ precious financial resources by minimizing the overall impact of potential breaches.

Truis are dedicated to keeping our staff and clients safe. With the ever-growing cyber threats it’s crucial for your business to implement a cyber awareness campaign and start educating your staff on the dangers and to understand collectively what to look for in threats. Truis and KnowBe4 have worked with a number of customers this year in getting their staff up to date on the basics. Contact us today on 1800 777 111 or click here to contact us.



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