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The butterfly effect of happiness in the workplace

The butterfly effect of happiness in the workplace

It’s been estimated in past studies that up to 87% of workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged from their job – meaning they’re unhappy at work. (Source: Forbes) 

It’s become increasingly apparent that we need to be aware of the wellbeing of the people who make your business what it is. In our world of social media and booming digital business, it’s vital to ensure you keep your teams healthy in mind, body and soul! 

But it doesn’t just stop with your employees. Customers have more access to your company than ever before, and it matters more than ever to the people who pay for your products and services that you’re a company they can relate to, trust and respect. 

That’s why here at Truis, we are deeply focused on looking after our people, supporting them to be their authentic selves and enabling their happiness, because a happy business is a successful business. 

Why does happiness matter? 

Gone are the days of overworked employees and toxic workplace; the world has changed immensely, and the workplace has followed suit. Not to mention how the Covid pandemic altered things even more, with a rise in remote working and the use of video technology for a whole host of business meetings, presentations and interviews. 

Wellbeing is another thing that has grown in importance (or at least, the public knowledge of wellbeing has) – and for a good reason. 

Combine that with another research study by Oxford University which found that happiness made people 13% more productive. You can just about begin to understand why wellbeing and happiness is so important to modern business today. 

Happiness as a butterfly effect 

When you look at happiness on an individual level, it’s clear to see that a single happy person may perform better as a result of being fulfilled across the board. If you’re happy at home, at work and everywhere in between, you are likely to show up and be your best when it comes to delivering at work. 

But that’s before you consider the knock-on effect of being happy, too. Happiness is contagious; if happy, engaged people surround you, you are more likely to get the happiness bug yourself. 

So, your employees are creating a positive, wellbeing-first atmosphere in your workplace. Where does that then go? 

It’s passed onto your customers, who will receive better service, better communication and better relationships with the people who make your company hum. 

Happy customers = more sales (it’s true) 

Happy employees can make happy customers – and what do happy customers do? They spend more money with the business that goes the extra mile. 

Forbes reported that,  as a result of happy employees, you could increase your sales by 20%, proving that the benefits go way beyond just having a smiley office. 

How do we promote happiness in the workplace? 

So how can you achieve this golden star of engaging your employees? 

The first thing would be to simply ask them! Every employee – and every workplace – is different, so what works for one business might be catastrophic for another. But there are fundamental things you can implement to improve the happiness of your employees and make sure you’re supporting the wellbeing of your people: 

  • Invest in them outside the workplace – let them know that you value your people as people in all walks of life.  
  • Do something for the community – give your team a chance to do something good and give back, whatever shape that takes. Enabling your team to promote or fundraise for something they’re truly passionate about can go a long way 
  • Focus on key wellbeing areas – particularly physical and mental health 
  • Make it inclusive – give everybody the chance to get involved, and make sure everybody knows they’re included! 

Whether you opt for lavish team-building activities such as a murder-mystery night or simply get everyone together once a month and pay for coffees and cake, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to support your team and let them know that their happiness matters. 

No matter what size business you are, whatever industry and whatever competition you have, having happy people at the heart of what you do is a surefire way to grow. 

Our yellow brick road to Happiness 

At Truis, we believe that before we’re a business, we’re humans – which is why we’re so invested in the wellbeing of our team. 

In recent months, we’ve organised a company yoga course – complete with Truis gear – as well as hosted a mind-body workshop, golfed with our staff and their partners, initiated a flexible work policy and offered quarterly rewards set around culture and personal growth. 

And oh boy! We’re just getting started. 

We’re also establishing a diversity and inclusion calendar so that we can, celebrate the differences of our team and learn what’s important to our staff as people. 

We’ve seen our people come to work as proud employees and advocates for Truis. It’s becoming embedded in our company culture, and it’s plain to see that the incredible people at the heart of our business are responding well to being looked after and made a priority. 

From our early history, we’ve always championed people and relationships – and these things are more important than ever to us in 2022 as the world grows to understand just how important it is to live life fully – in a balanced, supported way. 

Look after your people, and they’ll look after your business. 

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