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Unpacking the rise of managed services: Dispelling myths, presenting facts, and the Truis solution


Managed Service Agreements (MSAs) have emerged as a cornerstone for maintaining exceptional IT experiences in the ever-evolving business technology model. However, despite their growing importance, MSAs are often shrouded in misconceptions. Let's delve into what MSAs truly are, their increasing relevance, and debunk some of the most common myths we hear in conversations.

Understanding MSAs

A Managed Service Agreement is a comprehensive contract between a business and an IT service provider, outlining a range of services tailored to maintain and support the business landscape. These services range from IT strategy, planning, and cybersecurity solutions to cloud services and vendor management. The rising demand for these services is a testament to their crucial role in modern business operations, offering a strategic approach to managing and optimising technology investments.

The rising demand for managed services

The demand for managed services has significantly increased, with a growth of 14 percent year on year between 2023-2025 in Australia. This surge is primarily due to MSAs providing an effective bridge for businesses grappling with the high costs of IT infrastructure investments, increasing resource costs, and operational efficiency. In an era where IT budgets are increasingly strained, MSAs offer a sustainable solution, maximising investment returns and supporting businesses through peak seasons and high profit margins.

Myth busting Common misconceptions about MSAs

Myth 1: Managed services are expensive.
Fact: contrary to this belief, MSAs often lead to vast cost-savings by optimising resource allocation and complementing the need for in-house IT staff. They operate on a pay-for-work basis, ensuring tailored services and cost-effectiveness.

Myth 2: Managed services are too complicated.
Fact: MSAs are designed to simplify IT operations, offering streamlined solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Myth 3: A managed service won't be specific to my organisation's needs.
Fact: MSAs are highly customisable, ensuring your organisation's needs and objectives are effectively met.

Myth 4: I need the internal resources to sustain a managed service.
Fact: MSAs bridge talent gaps and offer specialised training, which is crucial for businesses with limited internal IT resources.

Myth 5: When something goes wrong with my IT, it would be quicker to just fix it ourselves.
Fact: Having an MSA will typically provide you with access to a wider array of resources 24x7 than you would typically have available to you in an internal IT team. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) will also hold the MSA partner to account, guaranteeing the timely response and resolution of incidents.

Myth 6: An MSA will make my data more vulnerable.
Fact: MSAs implement robust cybersecurity measures, significantly reducing the risk and cost associated with data breaches.

Myth 7: I will lose control of my infrastructure.
Fact: An effective MSA, underpinned by clear expectations and a strong service agreement, will ensure you maintain control over your IT infrastructure.

Myth 8: Operational quality decreases.
Fact: MSAs enhance operational quality, with studies showing up to a 60% increase in client efficiency, alongside providing specialised expertise and 24x7 support.

The benefits of MSAs

The adoption of an MSA can transform the way a business operates. It boosts productivity by allowing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance. A notorious disruptor of business operations, downtime, can be significantly reduced through proactive monitoring and response. Furthermore, the expertise brought in by MSPs ensures that IT strategies are not only aligned with business objectives but are also optimised for maximum efficiency and growth.
Understanding MSAs correctly is crucial for organisations looking to stay competitive. Far from being an expensive or complicated luxury, MSAs are a strategic investment that brings a plethora of benefits, from enhanced productivity to expert guidance. Most myths about MSAs stem from a lack of understanding their offerings.

"Unfortunately, there is a lack of people with knowledge and skills in this specific area [IBM hardware]. Truis have this, and they are good, genuine people to work with."
Wayne Millow, AS400 Systems Manager, Brown Brothers Engineers

Why Truis? 

Many of our customers find that upgrading their IT needs, buying hardware, and managing data backups becomes an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Traditional on-premises solutions often become quickly redundant, and manually managing backups leaves your data at risk. Choosing Truis as your managed service provider gives you the benefit of cost-effective, up-to-speed solutions, managed by professionals. Our teams are trained to be an extension of your team a close partnership to deliver the right solution when you need it, being transparent every step of the way.


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