System Health

Keep a close eye on your infrastructure and get notified when there is a pressing issue.


What is System Health?

System health platform leverages a live system agent that give you complete visibility of all of your windows, Linux and IBM systems. The platform is designed to notify you of any critical errors or warning signs.

An extra set of eyes

No matter the size of your business, chances are your IT has become increasingly complex over the past ten years. While this progress has its benefits, it also makes monitoring the health and performance of your systems more complicated and time-consuming than ever.

A better view

Truis connect is about being easy to use and our system health dashboard is no exception. In fact, the dashboard offers a complete view of your IBM and Intel services, monitoring disk and CPU utilisation. If there are any issues or errors in the system, server or storage, CMLive will flag it straight away.


Our system health platform allows for quick and easy actions on any flagged issues on your infrastructure. Create tickets for our team to jump into action and get them fixed. But remember, the level of support you receive will depend on the service agreement you have in place with us.

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Skilled Support

While most of us have tried, it’s impossible to do everything. Even fully-staffed IT departments can do with a bit of external help. But we’re happy to take on some of the workload for you. In fact, our skilled staff continually monitor your systems. Just to be safe, CMLive will also give you an extra layer of support to ensure any potential future problems have been identified, and our trained staff will review any infrastructure issues. If something needs your attention, we’ll let you know straight away.
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