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Your best mate for the Essential 8

Your E8 Mate is here to help you simplify, navigate, understand and implement the ideal Essential 8 for your business.

Your best mate for the Essential 8

The Essential 8 is a series of baseline mitigation strategies to help protect your organisation from cyber security incidents – it’s something that all businesses should be looking to implement.

For the E8, we are your knowledgeable friend with all the right connections. We’re here to guide you, and our partnerships with Cisco and Veeam means you’ll have access to products and knowledge to cover you, and your business, come rain or shine.

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Our guide to the Essential 8

Our guide to the Essential 8

Need the low down on the Essential 8? Download our eBook to learn more about security solutions to keep your data and organisation safe against cyber threats.


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Cisco, Veeam and your E8 Mate have joined forces to offer a FREE 21 day Cisco Umbrella and a 30 day Veeam® Backup & Replication trial. Contact your E8 Mate to sign up.

The first 100 users who sign up for the trials above will receive our ‘Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered’ pack. Complete with everything you need to stay safe in the sun and dry in the rain.

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Level up your Essential 8 with your E8 Mate’s top product picks from Cisco and Veeam.

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Truis’ security solutions

Leverage our team of Solution architects to find the right solutions to protect your organisation.

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What is the ASD: Essential 8?

Being able to understand, predict, and plan for cyber security vulnerabilities and attacks on your business is extremely important, so knowing where to start or what the next steps are will be key to the successful continuation of operation your business.

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Protect your critical business assets

Use this online tool to find the right cybersecurity products suitable for you and your business.

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Whether you’ve already implemented a version of these strategies or are just wrapping your head around them, your E8 mate is here to help at all stages. Get in touch below, we’ve got your back.