Our partnership with Lenovo

At Truis, we focus on how our solutions make our client’s lives better. We get that technology can be confusing, and you need devices and solutions you can trust. That’s why we partner with Lenovo to offer you reliable technology and services that make your business operations easier, and your life simpler.


Experts you can trust

Lenovo have been a strong and trusted partner of Truis since 2006. We are a Lenovo Platinum Data Centre Partner and a Lenovo Gold PC Partner, which ensures that we are certified in delivering their products to our clients and their businesses. Lenovo aims to transform their customers’ experience with technology not just in how they use the products but how it impacts their daily life, Truis are here to help you make the best selection for your business and impact your operations for the better.

Lenovo offer a wide range of PC products for businesses of all sizes. To find out more about their product line-up.

All things Lenovo

Truis delivers a wide range of Lenovo products to our customers, including laptop and desktop PCs, tablets, workstations, monitors, and a wide range of accessories. We stand by our partners here at Truis, we don’t just trust Lenovo for our clients, we use them for ourselves too! The majority of the staff here at Truis have been using Lenovo laptops for many years, as we find them to be of great quality, and ­­most importantly they are reliable.

Our difference

Our long and close relationship with Lenovo also means we have greater buying power, which directly benefits our clients. But the support doesn’t stop there, we offer endpoint services also from deployment and builds, management and our trusted 24×7 support with our technical experts.

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Case study:

When Queensland print communications company Fergies faced a major system failure, they turned to Truis for urgent help. Find out how Truis helped Fergies overcome and solve their crisis using Lenovo’s servers and storage solutions.

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As much or as little as you need

We are also proud to offer Lenovo data centre products and services including storage, servers & networking. Lenovo offer world class and smarter infrastructure solutions, giving businesses the advantage they need. Not only can our solutions architects build and design a solution tailored for our clients and best fit for purpose, our Truis engineers can then implement them into your business for you – we’re here to help, every step of the way. Find out more about Lenovo’s data center offerings.

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Want to talk to Truis about our flexible procurement options for Lenovo products, and how we can help your business with Endpoint Compute, deployment, and support?