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How technology can increase productivity in the workplace

Productivity and engagement in the office is a crucial factor to an organisation’s success. Thankfully, today’s tech makes workplace productivity easier than ever before.
How technology can increase productivity in the workplace

Technology not only simplifies how people work but also increases collaboration between staff and allows employers to have the best data on hand to make suitable business decisions for business success. At Truis, we understand the importance of productivity and how technology providers like HP and Microsoft can make it happen. We have collated some of the ways technology is linked to productivity here:


Offices are not the cubicles in a row format that they used to be. Open plan workspaces, staff working from home and offices across the country (or around the world!) make collaboration and connection more difficult and more important than ever before. The right tech makes collaboration between staff, wherever they are, easier than ever before.

Transparency and organisation

Ensuring transparency across an organisation is critical as it gives teams the power to make educated decisions and shows staff the purpose behind their work. Implementing appropriate technology solutions can allow everyone to understand how the business works. Through this, staff can also be more organised, as data is not spread thinly in too many places but instead in a centralised, easily accessible location. Tracking solutions also assist in keeping organised and providing transparency in staff’s work.


As mentioned previously, mobility for workers is increasing every year and many now expect a degree of flexibility in their work. Technology is at a point where most staff can work from a remote location with little difference to physically being at the office. This allows a continual flow of ideas and solutions across staff, strengthening the team, decision-making and overall effectiveness of the business.

Tracking and analysing

A lesser known benefit of technology is the ability to track and analyse your work. Technology allows employees and management alike to follow productivity and track individual goals. This can be helpful both for management to monitor work but also for each staff member to track their own work and find ways to improve or take advantage of areas they are succeeding in.

Technology can assist in so many ways for organisations, including productivity. At Truis, we work with some amazing vendors to provide productivity solutions, including HP and Microsoft. To find out more about improving productivity in the office, get in touch today.