System Health

No matter the size of your business, chances are your IT has become increasingly complex over the past ten years. While this progress has its benefits, it also makes monitoring the health and performance of your systems more complicated and time-consuming than ever. To help, we created a tool. Which — helpfully — won’t cost you a thing.


Monitoring your system’s health

As IT experts, we understand how difficult it can be to monitor your system’s health. But we also know how important it is. Because, sometimes, it only takes one failure to impact a whole organisation.

Which isn’t want we want — we’re driven to help our customers succeed. So as part of our complimentary portal Truis Connect, we developed a System Health tool designed specifically to monitor the health of IBM and Intel servers.

But monitoring without action doesn’t help all that much. Which is why we’ve ensured our tool will flag to you of any critical errors. And, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have access to our real-person customer support team. While we’re passionate believers of technology, we appreciate a human approach.

A better view

Truis Connect is all about being easy to use. And our System Health dashboard is no exception. The interface offers an immediate view of your system’s health and, by using a traffic-light, colour-coded approach, you can instantly spot any risks — both potential or urgent.

In fact, the dashboard offers a complete view of your IBM and Intel services, monitoring disk and CPU utilisation. If there are any issues or errors in the system, server or storage, Truis Connect will flag it straight away.


With Truis Connect, you can easily see where a support ticket has been raised. This allows you to assess an issue — on the spot. And if you need any help with an infrastructure problem flagged by Truis Connect, you can also raise a ticket of your own.

From here, we’ll assign it to one of our highly trained System Engineers, who will investigate the issue for you and provide an effective solution. You might even find the System Health portal becoming a critical part of the day-to-day running of your production environment. But remember, the level of support you receive will depend on the service agreement you have in place with us.

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Skilled support

While most of us have tried, it’s impossible to do everything. Even fully-staffed IT departments can do with a bit of external help. But we’re happy to take on some of the workload for you. In fact, our skilled staff continually monitor your systems. Just to be safe, Truis Connect will also give you an extra layer of support to ensure any potential future problems have been identified, and our trained staff will review any infrastructure issues. If something needs your attention, we’ll let you know straight away.

Reconfiguring how you monitor your systems may sound like a large task. But you don’t actually have to change a thing! You can carry on with your normal processes. By combining forces with Truis Connect, you’re simply adding a digital safety net.

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Completely free!

As a Truis customer, you get Truis Connect for free. And there’s much more than our System Health features. You’ll also receive access to our other useful dashboards, including Assets & Renewals and Order Tracking. Our specialists will even configure your systems — for no extra charge!

CMLive isn’t just limited to assets you’ve purchased through us, either. You can actually add any of your existing hardware. It doesn’t get much more helpful than that!

Truis Connect Demos

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