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5 Benefits of Choosing an IT Managed Service Provider


When technology moves fast, it helps to have a friend who can keep you up to date.

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses are increasingly reliant on robust IT infrastructure to thrive and remain competitive. From seamless data management to efficient network connectivity, a well-structured IT framework can make or break a company’s success. However, maintaining and managing an in-house IT department can be a daunting task, consuming valuable time, resources, and capital. That’s where Truis step in, offering an array of benefits that can transform your business operations.

It’s difficult to make the right decisions for your business, so we’ll try to make it a little easier.  Here are 5 reasons why more and more companies are opting for the expertise and reliability of an IT Managed Service Provider.

1. Gain control over your IT costs

Stop wasting money on unnecessary equipment and software. You’re a business owner; you can’t manage everything and that’s fair. Let the experts help with solving your IT problems as cost-effectively as possible.  With a range of trusted distributors and in-house experts, Truis have all the tools you need.  We can also wrap all your IT costs into a simple monthly bill so you can have a comprehensive overview of your expenditures and confidence in forecasting your IT spend for coming years. How is ICT viewed in your organisation? A cost or an enabler?

2. Let the experts take care of your IT security and managing risks.

Truis take IT security seriously, and for good reason: cyber attacks are on the rise. During the 2020-2021 financial year over 67,500 cybercrime reports were made via ReportCyber, an increase of nearly 13 percent from the previous financial year. One cybercrime report is made approximately every eight minutes in Australia. Managing security processes and policies on your own can be frustrating and time-consuming, but catastrophic if the ball is dropped. Truis have recovery strategies if a worst-case scenario occurs in your business, and a team of disaster prevention experts to avoid you ever needing to use one.

3. Free up your time to focus on what you’re best at

You know business. We know IT. Leave the tedious day-to-day IT tasks to us, and let you and your team get back to what’s important: growing your business. No one likes to get stuck on an IT issue and have nowhere to turn to. Let Truis take on those responsibilities and get your team the right answers when they need them. There’s no issue big or small!

Growth and supporting your customers are both paramount to the success of you and your business. But businesses always suffer growing pains when it comes to IT. New machines, servers, software and the knowledge and support to keep it all running. An IT partner can help you get there, help with the tough IT decisions, and look to the future as you grow your team and business.

Stay up to date with the latest in tech.

4. Stay up to date with the latest in tech.

With frequent advancements in efficiency and security, and the ‘industry standard’ constantly being pushed forward, technology moves fast.  When keeping a business up-to-date is a full-time job, lacking a dedicated IT team will find you left behind very quickly.  With a number of Infrastructure as a Service models (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, a managed service provider like Truis can help you keep up with the latest without you having to manage, update, or patch your systems.  Again, these service models can help finance your transformation as you grow.


5. Finding the right talent and IT fit

Hiring someone to manage your IT isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Keeping the talent and have them trained up in the right tech can be a pain, and the keys to your business’s IT isn’t a responsibility that should be handed out lightly. With a Managed Service Provider, you get industry-leading professionals with a career of supporting customers and technologies.  Truis’ technicians have depths of specialised knowledge and experience ready to get you the answers you need.  Don’t fuss with searching CVs for the right talent, let Truis find the expert for your fit.

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