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How is ICT viewed in your organisation? Is it a cost, business enabler, or somewhere in between?

Many organisations we speak to say that IT has historically been viewed as a cost. Generally it is expected that each year IT delivers more for less. However, it would seem there is a change afoot, starting at the boardroom. Directors of organisations are challenging the status quo and asking IT for help to support business transformation. This discussion has started because of the new business models (based on technology) that are emerging and causing disruption to the traditional models. It is truly an exciting time to be part of information technology. It’s likely we will continue to see the shift towards business enablement through digital transformation.

Truis’ view

ICT is most definitely a business enabler for Truis.

Our business was built 38 years ago off the back of a CRM that we integrated into our general ledger. This integration delivered transparency to the entire team at Truis which meant long term staff engagement along with the benefits of efficiency.

More recently we have been enjoying the benefits of new technology blended with our systems of record (foundation systems). We find ourselves still investing in our foundation systems, mostly around automation and new tools for our staff. What has been growing is the development of API’s and applications outside of our foundation system. These new applications could be WEB portals or mobile applications that mostly deliver transparency to our customers. We have found the process very rewarding as these new tools deliver very fast development and outcomes. Even better as we are linking to our foundation system we are leveraging off the last 38 years of experience and process refinement that has been embedded into our systems. This means our business rules remain to enforce data integrity as we deliver the data in an omni channel.

What digital transformation is next

I would like to put a stake in the ground and share our transformation projects with you. With each of our initiatives we will provide more detail over time and keep you up to date using social media. In particular, we will do our best to convey the key initiatives along with the outcomes specifically from a business transformation point of view and the relevant ROI.

In 2017 we plan to continue our transformation journey by delivering the following innovation projects:

  • Project Delivery: create a web portal so that customers can see the steps that make up their order and view the real time status
    • improve customer satisfaction
    • cut costs
  • Asset Support: create a web portal so that customers can see which assets are under maintenance or warranty across multiple vendors with forecasting and budgeting capabilities
    • increase revenue or market share
    • improve customer satisfaction
  • System health and ticketing upgrades: new systems added and integrated into our ticketing system
    • increase revenue or market share
    • improve customer satisfaction
    • cut costs
  • Mobile Application enhancements: more functionality and improve look and feel
    • improve customer satisfaction
  • Artificial Intelligence: we will attempt to put AI or Machine Learning across our systems to investigate both cost and ROI. Ultimately we are looking to provide both knowledge and empathy for businesses considering this.
    • An experiment only, investigating all three components of business transformation.
  • Continue to Automate our internal systems and processes
    • increase revenue or market share
    • improve customer satisfaction
    • cut costs

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to IT partners and we strive to offer you meaningful touches that add value when dealing with us. We listen carefully to what you tell us, and we invest the time with our best people to make sure that your needs are met and surpassed. We use our own experience of transforming our business to help us to understand the human and business aspects of change that our customers experience.

We are passionate in focusing on business transformation and how we can also empower you on your own business transformation journey. Contact our team for the opportunity to learn how you can ensure IT is a business enabler in your organisation in this era of market disruption.

Business transformation * – Extract from Wikipedia
Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment.[1]
When business transformation is used
The need for business transformation may be caused by external changes in the market such as an organisation’s products or services being out of date, funding or income streams being changed, new regulations coming into force or market competition becoming more intense. This management approach also incorporates Business Process Reengineering and is widely used:[2]
– to increase revenue or market share
– to improve customer satisfaction
– to cut costs
1. Harvard Business Review January 2007 Kotter
2. McKinsey Survey 2010