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Enabling Transformation through Financing

Across industries and markets, the speed and complexity of doing business is increasing at an exponential rate. Organisations must constantly – and cost-effectively – revisit strategies and infuse fresh thinking to remain agile and move as quickly as the market moves.

New technologies – cloud, mobile, social, analytics – are providing innovative platforms for transformation and creating a new basis for competitive advantage. And with that, comes a whole group of new technology buyers across the business vying for limited resources.

Budgets are restricted and future requirements uncertain. Innovative approaches to financing can alleviate some of the risks and allow flexibility as the project develops. Reducing upfront payments, better aligning project cost outlays with anticipated benefits and accelerating the project’s cash flow break-even point are only some of the advantages payment plans can offer.

Consider flexible leasing upgrade options to meet demand as needed, or short-term rental during times of transition. Free up the value of IT assets through a Sale and Leaseback arrangement, and reinvest the cash back into priority IT projects.

Matt Eastwood from IDC1 also offers these financing strategies to capitalise on the new transformation technologies:

  • Rethink IT budgets from “keeping the lights on” to funding innovation.
  • Consider new-equipment options like integrated systems and software-defined infrastructures that reshape end-of-lease behaviour.
  • Use flexible leasing upgrade options to meet demand for on-premises equipment in private / hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Use leasing and short-term rentals to offset risk of unknown performance requirements for new scale-out projects

Considering a financing plan from the outset can help successfully and more speedily reap the benefits these new technologies promise.

If you would like to know more about the financing options available to you, including offers such as 0% financing, contact us to explore suitable financing options.

1 IDC -Financing IT Transformation in the 3rd Platform Era July 2015