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Your compass to cybersecurity. Get your protection heading in the right direction

Your compass to cybersecurity. Get your protection heading in the right direction

Unfortunately, we know cyber crime is only getting worse.
As reported by Business Australia, cyber attacks have risen 30% over the past 6 months alone and with  businesses continuing to shift towards remote working, hackers are becoming more aggressive than ever.

Essentially, there’s a continuous game of cat and mouse between security systems and cyber threats. If systems and technologies are not updated, hackers have more time to find vulnerabilities in network defences. Being the victim of a cyber attack would be a huge hit for any business. 

With cyber criminals growing more sophisticated, it’s the responsibility of every business to stay one step ahead and keep their network protection up to date. The game isn’t over! 

Truis your E8 Mate – a great first step  

The Australian Signals Directive (ASD) has put together the Essential 8 as a ‘series of baseline mitigation strategies’ that businesses can implement within their cyber security frameworks. Even if used as a minimum security measure, it can help reduce the chances of being hit by a cyber attack. 

The essential 8 includes the following:   

  1. Application control

    Preventing unauthorised pieces of software on your applications can stop malware from getting into your system and is an excellent first line of defence against cyber attacks.

  2.  Patch applications

    – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Avoid any gaps in your security by constantly reviewing and updating all software you use. If you’re not vigilant, one unpatched application can give hackers an opening to slip through, compromising your whole network.

  3. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

    – configuring your system for optimal defence is key – while macros can perform automated tasks to take the pressure off your employees, they can also house some nasty surprises. Choosing the correct macros to trust (and using third-party certification) can really solidify your cyber defence.

  4. User application hardening

    – overloading your system with apps might look appealing but could cause more problems than they’re worth – so choose the ones that are mission critical and consolidate these to ensure a solid cybersecurity system

  5. Restrict administrative privileges

    – run a check on everyone and on every system for who has administrative access and what privileges they hold.  Have processes in place to deactivate any employees that have left the business or changed roles.   

  6. Patch operating systems

    – similar to patching your applications, ensure you patch your system to keep your security tight. Make sure there is a regular, consistent check for patches to ensure your systems stay up and running.

  7. Multi-factor authentication

    (MFA) – available across several systems and apps, MFA adds an extra layer of protection for users – particularly because of how easy mobile phones make it to implement.

  8. Regular backups

    – it’s common for backups to be completed every day, providing an excellent fail-safe for your server, storage, and data – make sure you keep your backups safe, too! 

By following the steps and guidance outlined in the Essential 8, you’re part-way there to protecting your business from the ever increasing threats.  

One attack is happening every 10 mins! 

It’s easy to forget we’re in a digital era where information and data are more valuable than currency. Opting for modern data protection and cyber resilience software is a must for all businesses that operate online and have implemented a remote workforce – particularly those who deal with sensitive customer data. You set yourself up for a surefire way to secure your business online by implementing scalable protection, secure data management, cyber- resilient storage, and frequent secure backups.  

Making the right choices 

Choosing the right technology to manage and handle your security needs can be a tricky field to navigate. With cyber threats constantly evolving – your systems also need to develop, or you risk getting caught out from being complacent. 

With a host of options available to leverage, it can become overwhelming to know how to move forward. Let Truis help guide you and keep you informed on the changing threat landscape so that you can react appropriately and stay protected.

Each business is different, and what works for you will be different to others – so it’s important to find the right security solution that fits your needs. Enlisting the help of cyber security experts like Truis can be a great first step towards making your business as secure as it needs to be. 

To learn how we can help you enhance your data backup and recovery capabilities, talk to your E8 mate Truis today.  

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