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Compassion meets innovation: Truis and GIVIT

Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of GIVIT and Truis, two dynamic organisations making a profound impact. Discover firsthand GIVIT's commitment to positively impacting individuals and communities, and Truis' unwavering dedication to truth and transparency.


A catalyst for change in community giving

GIVIT, an innovative, national, online not-for-profit organisation, is revolutionising the way community needs meet the generosity of the public and corporate sectors. Utilising its innovative online platform, GIVIT streamlines the donation process, matching support with genuine needs in a transparent, coordinated system. This method effectively minimises logistical challenges associated with physical donations, ensuring direct and impactful aid distribution.


"GIVIT is not just about donations; it's about precisely meeting people's needs. We're changing lives every day, one donation at a time."

Sarah Tennant, CEO of GIVIT

The ongoing challenge: Scaling and enhancing IT infrastructure

GIVIT's journey towards national expansion continually faces the critical need for a resilient technological backbone. Initially, relying on the commendable efforts of volunteers for IT support, GIVIT recognised the necessity for a more robust and continuous system to cater to its growing operations. As Sarah Tennant, CEO of GIVIT explained,


"Our mission demands continuity and strength that a volunteer-driven IT model can't always provide. Reliable and consistent IT services are vital for our organisation, as our core activities of managing and distributing donations depend heavily on technology. The reliance on volunteer IT support presented a twofold challenge: the potential for unpredictable downtimes and a varied level of expertise. These factors could impede GIVIT's mission-critical activities, where every minute lost could mean a missed opportunity to help someone in need."

The Progressive Solution

In navigating these challenges, GIVIT's proactive approach led to a partnership with Truis. This alliance introduced a suite of managed IT services encompassing continuous monitoring, advanced cybersecurity, and consistent system updates. This strategic move is transforming GIVIT's approach to technology and operational efficiency.


With a reinforced focus on cybersecurity, GIVIT confidently advances its operations, knowing its systems are secure and efficient, allowing them to focus on its core mission.


Working with GIVIT, we are not just focusing on cybersecurity. We are actively enhancing their ability to serve the community securely and efficiently.

GIVIT is working with people in the community who have undergone hardship, so they need to have secure systems in place. GIVIT was very receptive to us to talk about improving its security posture. We have done cybersecurity presentations for the organisation and its staff. We have a managed service agreement that monitors all of their devices. We run regular phishing campaigns for the team at GIVIT as well.

Billie Worsfold, Service Delivery Coordinator at Truis


Our key consideration when choosing an IT managed service provider was a service provider that could grow with us. We were also looking for a provider that could give us cybersecurity measures, and Truis has been wonderful in this. They've provided monthly training sessions as well as regular phishing testing.

On a day-to-day basis, this means Truis takes care of the everyday IT issues and allows GIVIT to focus on its important work.

Joanne Renton, Financial Controller at GIVIT

The outcome: Empowering GIVIT's vision

This collaboration is progressively resolving GIVIT's IT challenges and providing a solid foundation for their expanding scope of work. Truis' consistent IT support streamlines GIVIT's operations, allowing it to concentrate on efficiently connecting generosity with genuine needs.

The Truis Giving Back initiative: A sustainable future

In tandem with managed services, Truis' Giving Back program aligns perfectly with GIVIT's objectives. By repurposing devices from corporate partners, Truis provides essential technology to those in urgent need, advocating for sustainability.

The partnership is now set on a future-focused goal: to build an abundant supply of refurbished devices, anticipating and exceeding the growing digital needs. This vision underlines the crucial role of community and business involvement.


We now have access to IT skills we couldn't afford to bring in-house. We'll continue working with Truis. One of the reasons we went with them was the range of services they provided, so they'll be able to partner with us now and into the future as our service continues to scale.

Joanne Renton, Financial Controller at GIVIT


Truis has a lot of great customers that we deal with, and they refresh their devices regularly. They've been generous with us in allowing us to use those devices to donate to GIVIT. It helps those in need get back on their feet and get going again. We're not just donating devices but enabling connectivity and opportunity for those in need.

Adam Green, Service Delivery Manager at Truis


Access to digital devices through Truis' support is pivotal. It's about providing more than a device; it's about opening doors to possibilities .

Danielle Draper, Engagement Officer at GIVIT

Envisioning tomorrow with Truis and GIVIT

The alliance between GIVIT and Truis is a testament to the transformative power of integrating technology with goodwill. This partnership is not only about enhancing current operations but also about shaping a future where technology becomes a cornerstone of social welfare.

Bound by a shared commitment to community service and guided by the mantra "Success Together", the partnership is a beacon of innovation and compassion, set to continue its growth and success, proving that combining technological expertise with a heart for giving can, indeed, create waves of positive change.

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