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Navigating VMware changes in the wake of Broadcom acquisition

Navigating VMware changes in the wake of Broadcom acquisition In November 2023, Broadcom completed its acquisition of VMware....

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How IT is building a better in-store experience.

When eCommerce was beginning to pick up momentum in the 1990s, there was some concern that the rise of online buying would mean the extinction of in-person shopping experiences. However, a look at the present-day retail landscape tells a very different story.

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Is your retail IT infrastructure primed for the peak season? Here are 5 tips for success.

Whether you’ve already got your solutions in place for the silly season or you’re just starting to get to grips with your retail operation’s changing needs for better efficiency, we wanted to share our top actions for building a strong IT infrastructure that will support your retail success as we gear up for the 2022 peak period and launch into 2023.

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Cyber security and cyber resilience – seem similar but mean different things. Do you know the difference?

Whilst they are often used interchangeably - they mean quite different things, and we’re setting the record straight and, more importantly, sharing what you need to be across right now.

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The power of a presumptive breach

Being prepared means you’re 2.5 times more likely to ensure 99.99% uptime for business critical applications[1], so it makes good business sense. As our understanding of cyber security increases, so does the realisation that security is an ongoing journey, not an end destination.

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They say prevention is better than the cure; the same goes when protecting your data from threats.

We are all well aware that when it comes to protecting your data in the event of a cyber-attack or breach, it pays to be proactive. However, most of us are battling skills and resource shortages, making this a real challenge despite our best efforts.

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